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By  Entelgy Consulting S. A.

eTradeMatrix is a solution package for Compliant and Efficient Management of Customs Documents for Export/Import process inside the SAP ERP environment.

eTradeMatrix provides a Dossier of transactions and Documents with Graphical Traffic Lights integrating all information in an Easy and Controlled folder with real time information of the status for each document and process.

The customized tool allows the configuration of mandatory documents for export / import, and the company may configure these documents based on each country requirements.

eTradeMatrix provides a tool that integrates the Export Document Certifications from SAP Global Trade System (GTS) in the SAP ERP. The certificates issued by the customs authorities that reside in SAP GTS are integrated in the business process of SAP ERP, allowing business users to access them in the context of export process providing a 360º view with a single point of access.

Once the process shows the “Green” light status, this tool allows to collect all documents from the Dossier, and then zip and email them to the Forward Agent or Export Business Partner.

The eTradeMatrix consists of two Folders with customized business rules:
1)  “Freight Forward” Folder, which collects all documents required for Import/Export goods through Customs.
2)  “Consignee” Folder which collects the documents required by the person to whom the shipment is to be delivered.


•       Two different folders based on the SAP Shipment Document.
•       SAP GTS tool to integrate AFA and EVV documents from GTS to ERP.
•       A Customizing Tool to configure mandatory requirement of Document Type based on the country of origin and the country of destination.
•       A Zip and email tool for automatic collection and sending of information to Business Partner with dependence on the different status defined.
•       Full Text Search of Documents inside Document Access.
•       6 preconfigured Document Type

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