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Fusion Document Service

By  Matrix Logic Corporation

Fusion Document Service (FDS) allows organizations to create and distribute dynamic hyperlinks to documents that reside within the eDOCS DM document management system without requiring a DMS login.

Providing external partners and clients real-time access to updated documents has traditionally been a challenge for fast-moving organizations. No longer. Using Fusion Document Service by Matrix Logic, reliance on email and tedious manual processes for document distribution becomes a thing of the past.


  • Build secure web hyperlinks to any type of document in your DMS
  • Distribute document hyperlinks to authorized users
  • Strong security model for internal/external access without requiring a DMS login (optional)
  • Check out, check in, view, select
  • Provide eDOCS DM capabilities in to your website or portal
  • Web services
  • Matrix Logic can add custom features for your particular needs, and provide consulting assistance

Matrix Logic Corporation

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