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Ad Hoc Query

By  PVA, Inc

Enables users to create their own custom LiveReports in a read-only environment without requiring SQL programming.

The PVA Ad-Hoc Query module allows the Content Server (Livelink) Administrator to present Content Server (Livelink) system accessible Database Views in such a way that it allows the User with appropriate permissions to create LiveReports without risk to the integrity of the database. This process also alleviates some of the Content Server (Livelink) Administrator’s workload by transferring ad-hoc report generation responsibilities to the user.


The Ad-hoc Views are stored in the Ad-hoc Query Volume. This area may be accessed via the Content Server (Livelink) Administrator Index menu. These Views are then made available to Users who have permission to access them. To create a LiveReport, the User selects the desired data elements from a pick list and creates search criteria from a user-friendly table. The Ad-hoc Query module will create the required SQL statements and generate the report. Please contact PVA, Inc. for more details.

PVA, Inc

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