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By  Ideagen Technology Limited

PleaseReview™ is a collaborative review and co-authoring solution for Microsoft Word and other document types, facilitating secure, simultaneous collaboration on a document review.

PleaseReview™ is an advanced collaborative document review and co-authoring solution designed to cut the expense, reduce the pain and radically improve the key business process of document review to facilitate timely, clear and accurate documents. Almost every department in an organization produces documents of one type or another and this is normally a collaborative process taking both time and commitment. The need to author, edit and review documents is a business process usually subject to workarounds which can cost money, waste considerable time, cause frustration and often compromises the quality of the document.  PleaseReview has been designed to overcome these issues by enabling the simultaneous review and collaborative authoring by multiple individuals of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, images and other document types. It facilitates the review and co-authoring of documents within an organization (inside or outside the corporate firewall) and/or with external parties such as customers, partners and suppliers. Collaborative review can take place across platforms so users from different communities and legacy systems can collaborate on a review within their own system environment. The co-authoring feature allows a document to be edited simultaneously by different contributors, who can edit sections of the document whilst the review is under way. In this manner, an edited section can be made available for review, and edited again taking into consideration reviewers’ comments and changes. PleaseReview is a proven solution which can reduce review cycles by up to 65% and provides a significant ROI by delivering typical savings of 35% in review costs. Customers agree that PleaseReview has dramatically improved their review and co-authoring process, with some reviews, which previously took days, being completed in a matter of hours. They also testify that their users have an ‘instant love of the product’ thanks to its ease of use and collaborative features. In essence, PleaseReview makes the authoring and review process less painful and more efficient for both reviewers and the document owner, so neither document quality nor review deadlines are compromised.


PleaseReview specifications: 

  • Compatible with all recent Microsoft Office versions and major web browsers 
  • Runs on Windows server and uses Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle 
  • Microsoft .NET framework / ASP.NET 
  • PleaseReview’s comprehensive API enables integration with other applications 
  • Available either as a hosted solution or can be installed internally within the organization 
  • Supports Single Sign-on (NTLM), Active Directory and LDAP 
  • Supports HTTPS and Reverse Proxy for collaboration through the firewall (where configured).

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