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PVA Virus Scan Integration Module

By  PVA, Inc

Detects and deletes documents with viruses, displaying a message to the user after deleting the document. Works with all major virus scan utilities on the market today, including Norton and McAfee.

PVA’s Virus Scan module adds to Content Server (formerly Livelink) in order to minimize the spreading of file based computer viruses. The Content Server itself is not in danger of becoming infected from the files stored in its library; however, it might become the medium through which viruses are spread to other client computers. Eliminating the threat of a virus spreading is especially critical when Content Server is being used in an Internet or Extranet environment since the hosting company will typically be blamed for spreading these viruses. This module creates an interface between Content Server and third party virus scanning programs in order to detect incoming infected files. When a document is loaded into Content Server via Enterprise Connect, web interface, WebDAV, Livelink Explorer, or any standard LAPI connection, the Virus Scan module scans the temporary copy on the Internet server. If a virus is detected, the file is deleted from the server and a message is displayed to the user. The message includes details on the virus from the virus scanning software logs

PVA, Inc

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