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Enhanced Multilingual Capabilities Module

By  Cassia Content Management Inc

EMLC takes Content Server 10’s multilingual features to the next level by incorporating multilingual attributes, enterprise menu items, system messages, news items, and more!

Enhance the multilingual capabilities of OpenText's Content Server 10! Not only can attribute names and values, LiveReport fields and other items be presented in the users' language of choice but also leverage third-party APIs to aid in the translation process. Rigour is maintained through a combination of a corporate lexicon and reporting available to the Knowledge Manager. EMLC is also backwards-compatible, helping to ensure that any existing products/integrations continue working seamlessly. 

  • Automatic Translation of Fields 
  • Multilingualize Attribute Names and Values 
  • Multilingualize LiveReport Fields 
  • Multilingualize Enterprise Menu Items 
  • Multilingualize System Messages 
  • Multilingualize News Items 

Cassia Content Management Inc

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