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dmsSync for eDOCS

By  Wertheim Global Solutions

DMSSync is the ultimate network user and group synchronization utility for Open Text eDOCS™.
  • DMSSync can AUTOMATICALLY replicate network additions and changes. By doing so, DMSSync centralizes the maintenance of this information, eliminating the need for redundant user and group administration on multiple systems
  • DMSSync is ideal for any size installation ranging from an organization with a single library to a multi‐library, multi‐location global enterprise. 
  • DMSSync efficiently and securely operates within the Open Text eDOCS framework. All DMSSync functions are accessible from a single, easy‐to use interface. 
  • DMSSync is fully compatible with all networks, database servers and document servers supported by Open Text eDOCS™. 
  • DMSSync does not require a dedicated server, and can be run during normal business hours. 
  • DMSSync can be run continuously, on‐demand, or from almost any scheduling program. 



  • Add/change/disable people and groups 
  • Add/change/remove group memberships 
  • Add/change/remove network aliases 
  • Map and Synchronize Active Directory fields to People and Group metadata 
  • Filter users and groups 
  • Supports multiple active directories 
  • Supports nested groups

Wertheim Global Solutions

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