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Intelligent Robotic Capturing - IRC


Intelligent Robotic Capturing – IRC For OpenText is an advanced and unified capturing solution.

Intelligent Robotic Capturing – IRC For OpenText is an advanced and unified capturing solution. IRC helps business users to capture, extract, classify, validate, process, store and access all types of content very easily and accurately. 

IRC is developed using OpenText and Automation Anywhere technology, the leaders in automation and robotic capture and processing.  It learns from human behavior to become faster and more accurate, fully automates business processes that rely on semi-structured or unstructured data hidden in electronic documents, images, emails, and more, to drive greater employee productivity and growth, reduce setup and operational costs, increase operational efficiency, and manage effectively your critical business decisions which will ultimately determine the success of your company.   IRC brings robotic, machine learning (ML) to extract and digitize the information, and advanced content repository to store a variety of content.       

Business benefits:     

  • Eliminates shipping and handling delays of business-critical documents between offices. 
  • Reduces physical storage requirements. 
  • Reduces manual data-driven process activities. And eliminates manual data entry and human error. 
  • Accelerates business processes with automated/Robotic intelligent Capture to increase operational efficiency and improve data quality and accuracy. 
  • Simplified document sorting and searchability. 
  • Free your employees from repetitive tasks to invest their time wisely. 
  • Improve administrative processes by automating processes between different departments and managing the approvals in an effective manner for a faster ROI. 
  • Deploy advanced robotic capture, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligent technologies (OCR, RPA….ECT) without months of developments which allows paperless environment, and digital transformation. 
  • Streamline the collection of important business data and leverage critical insights for business decisions   
  • Leverage Open Text Content Server capabilities and invests heavily in creating a simple, responsive and creative UI. 
  • Less training is required and more productivity and growth. 
  • Enhance compliance with assurance to regulatory compliance. 
  • Ensure consistency with secure tools for dealing with the confidentiality of content.  


IRC main features:   

IRC runs on top of OpenText ECM and uses the native features provided by the content Server with a simple, friendly, and intelligent user interface, supported by several languages including Arabic and English.    It integrates as well with third-party applications: Microsoft -Office 365, SAP, Salesforce, and others … IRC also integrates with Right Fax, Electronic Signature, Documents, mails, and other IRC.   

  • Learns on Job 
  • Powerful AI and High Accuracy Data Extraction 
  • Intelligent Capture Advanced Recognition 
  • Intelligent Classification & Automation 
  • Machine Learning and Validation Capabilities 
  • Easy Content Publishing 
  • Time-Saving and Cost-effective 
  • Multi-Language Recognition Support 
  • Powerful Search Engine 
  • Resolve Locked and Legacy Systems Integration Difficulties 
  • Business-User Friendly 
  • Cloud Control   
  • Cloud flexibility, IRC can be deployed on Premise, Cloud or Hybrid environment.   
  • Greater Business Process Automation rates, IRC is capable to trigger a workflow in a workflow system   
  • Capturing for Variety of Content Sources, including structured forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents, Webpages, web applications, images, email client, video and sound files, desktop applications, and others. 
  • Solution and Platform are independent 
  • IRC can be configured to publish the processed captured content to any system on any platform without any coding. IRC comes with preconfigured settings to publish processed content into OpenText Content Server, OpenText eDOCS or third-party application. 
  • Easy conversion with integrated imaging, it recognizes content using OCR, and edits them with annotations.  

IRC is developed using OpenText and Automation Anywhere technology. It runs on top of OpenText ECM.