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Legal case Management For OpenText - LCM


Legal Case Management For OpenText -LCM is a legal practice management solution.

Legal Case Management For OpenText-LCM is a legal practice management solution. A centralized, secured, and integrated solution for managing legal content by transforming traditional practices to intelligent and connected work processes.  

LCM offers building cases and litigations, creating workspaces, case management, regulations, document storage, and management, review and approval, archiving, tracking, record management, messaging, audit trails, activity log, document retention/deletion, deadline and time tracking, calendar management, task management, contact management, reporting, alerting, monitor risk, follow up,  legal case templates, litigation holds, corporate law and more.  The platforms offer an unmatched suite of legal solutions to improve the delivery of legal services, reduce the cost and risk of meaning legal and regulatory demands.  Digitize, standardize, archive, and automate smoothly the legal case lifecycle—from initiation, creation, investigation, main case approval, to judgment compliance, and expiration.   Integrate seamlessly data and processes across the system to optimize processes, and access easily all legal knowledge across the enterprise.  Empower users with visibility of case processes to proactively manage it for improved compliance with internal information governance mandates and regulatory requirements.  Leverage our automation tools to enable smarter legal templates authoring and case information tracking.   

Business Benefits: 

  • Deploy robotic data capture and automation technologies to meet business demands and improve legal outcomes.  Leverage data analytics for a better insight and decision-making across the organization.
  • Digitize content and optimize AI and machine-learning for investigations, litigation, and regulatory compliance.
  • Control archiving, Manage disposition and retention policies with secure tools for dealing with the confidentiality of legal content to reduce risk in the legal hold process. 
  • Leverage Open Text Content Server capabilities and invests heavily in creating a simple and smart UI with a secure central repository, hence less training is required, limits time spent on low-value work, growth, and maximum value of business.
  • Aggregate content, data, people and tasks within a connected workspace to automate, accelerate and simplify administrative processes and legal obligations.  


LCM runs on top of OpenText ECM, provides the ability to create template-driven structures, uses OpenText Connected Workspaces capabilities by aggregating content, data, people, and tasks related to a common legal case or any legal business process.  LCM uses the native features provided by Content Server such as Smart View as Web Page, Browsing Folders, Workflow Maps, Workflow Forms, Search and edit Pre-built Templates, Categories and more… It manages all legal documents throughout their lifecycle, and includes all of the core functionality of a legal case management software.   

  • Specialization in multiple areas 
  • Smart and simple UI 
  • Create and manage content of a case data   
  • Automatic Reference and workspace generation 
  • Improved communication and collaboration for case team 
  • Workspace capabilities   
  • Flexible reporting and analytics   
  • A unified dashboard for tracking 
  • Centralized Legal Case management and cloud control   
  • Automated and Customized template 
  • Integration with other systems 
  • Customizable approval workflow system 
  • Smart Enterprise Viewer 
  • Valuable Powerful SE 
  • Cloud flexibility 
  • Automatic/ Manual Alert 
  • Automatic Escalation 
  • Accessibility and Relations 

LCM runs on top of OpenText ECM.