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Policy and Procedure Management For OpenText - PPs


PPs is a quality documentation solution with out-of-the-box functionality that digitalize your entire policy lifecycle for easier policy creation, revision, issuance, acknowledgment, adjustment, and renewal.

MGS Policy & Procedure Management system for OpenText – PPs is an advanced solution, a single and unified system that lets you manage and control document security, easily collaborate on policy updates, publish content to the community, distribute policies to employees, track e-signature on the documents. PPs uses workspace for each policy and interconnects with other systems to track procedures. PPs is built on top of OpenText Content Server system and Automation Anywhere.  It standardizes, archives, and automates smoothly the policy lifecycle using robotic capture, machine learning, advanced content, and collaboration system.  PPs integrates seamlessly data and processes across the system, and empower users with visibility of policy and procedure processes based on a set of permissions to proactively manage their rules for improved compliance with internal information governance mandates and regulatory requirements.   

 Business Benefits: 

  • Support an ethical culture. 
  • Support compliance and assurance to regulatory requirements and consistency with more secure working practices. 
  • Maintain a system of records for reporting and audit. 
  • Accelerate cycle times and reduce operational costs and risk by automating the processes. 
  • Better accountability of staff through easier measurement of their performance against the systems. 
  • Less training required, higher productivity through staff, growth, and maximum value of business. 
  • Improve administrative processes, empower teams, and the quality of collaboration and communication. 
  • Risk management, gaining full visibility into the entire policy lifecycle.  Greater customer satisfaction resulting in higher average sale process and increased repeat business. 
  • Greater control over the flow of information throughout the business leading to less double handling and resulting in a reduction of errors.   
  • Deploy advanced technologies which allows less manual involvement, paperless environment, and digital transformation.  


PPs main features: 

  • Smart and simple UI  Drive real accountability   
  • Map policies to accreditation standards 
  • Automated policy/procedure templates and designs 
  • Role-Based access 
  • Automatic alerts for expiry dates 
  • Faster retrieval/accessibility, relation, and filing 
  • Versioning control   
  • A unified dashboard for tracking & monitoring 
  • Flexible reporting and analytics 
  • Powerful enterprise viewer   
  • Powerful AI   
  • Valuable Powerful SE 
  • Automated code generation and update   
  • Customizable approval workflow system 
  • Easy conversion with integrated imaging 
  • Customization and Integration with other systems 
  • Customizable policy authoring 
  • Centralized policy & procedure management and cloud control   
  • Cloud flexibility.    
PPs is built on top of OpenText Content Server system.