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Smart Onboarding for Utilities&Telco

By  Lynx S.p.A.

Advanced service, for utilities&telco, that enables a multi-channel smart sales process. The solution allows an integrated management of end-to-end sales processes: simplifying and making the whole process efficient.

Modular and multi-channel business platform, which allows an integrated management of end-to-end sales processes: from the presentation to the management of back office activities, simplifying and making the whole process efficient, faster, safer, easier.  The solution is multichannel (Web, app, social, WhatsApp etc.).  Permanently enables sales on the web channel and secures agent activities, increasing conversion rates and reducing lost contract volumes or process blocks.

Customers experience an intuitive, fast and risk-free subscription process for typing errors, thanks to the automatic recognition of the bill data, the auto-completion of contracts and the validation of data by pre-check with the authority system and credit check system.  It allows you to maximize the closing of contracts and to reduce back-office rework for block removal.

Through the pre-check functionality of the electronic / digital signature of the contract, it reduces the risks of incorrectly typed contracts (voltages, takeover ...) or unsolicited, avoiding the management of disputes with customers and agencies.

 The platform is based on same principal building blocks:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud manage the sales process and the integration with authority and credit check
  • Intelligent Capture manage recognition on the data on the customer bill
  • xECM for Salesforce manage all the documentation of customers and contracts (quote, contract, doc id, invoice etc.)
  • Exstream manage the print of the contract
  • Namirial manage the digital signature
  • InfoArchive manage the archiving of the old data and document (the retention is a modular kpi), with an online integration with Salesforce


The solution is composed on building blocks:

•            Salesforce Sales Cloud (Web/App)

•            Intelligent Capture

•            xECM for Salesforce

•            Exstream

•            InfoArchive

•            Namirial

•            AWS (mediation for the integration between Salesforce and other blocks, except for Exstream and XECM, natively integrated with Salesforce)



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