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By  Syntergy Inc

Director is a desktop application with an intuitive drag and drop user interface that focuses on data moving, category/attribute management, records management, bulk operations (document export, import, copy, etc.), permissions management, and reporting.

Do you:   

  • Want to improve document find-ability, search, accessibility and navigation?   
  • Need to reorganize content as you improve your Information Architecture?   
  • Want to reduce the time IT or Content Server administrators spend classifying and organizing documents?   
  • Need support for cloud environments such as OpenText Cloud?   
  • Want all features available from the convenience of a desktop application?   

Empower Content Managers: Do you have limited IT resources to keep Content Server organized? Distribute the workload to Content Managers with appropriate permissions to manage content and metadata.

Manage Content in the Cloud: Ready to migrate to the OpenText Cloud? Users can easily migrate data from the local file system to the OpenText Cloud via simple drag & drop operations. Simply connect to a Cloud server and copy data in either direction. No module installation required.   

Key Benefits: 

  • Manage one or more Content Server instances from a centralized location   
  • Drag & Drop enabled interface  Manage Categories and Attributes  Manage Records Management Attributes and Holds   
  • Export and Import Capabilities  Runs on 32 and 64 bit OS   
  • No Content Server modules to install 


Operating System (Client):  - Windows 10   - Windows 8  - Windows 7  - Windows Vista  - Windows XP  - Windows Server 2012  - Windows Server 2008    Servers:  - Content Server 9.7.1  - Content Server 10.x  - OpenText Cloud   

Syntergy Inc

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