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Extended Document Control (xDC)

By  complon GmbH

The solution enables pro-active controlling of project progress and increasing communication efficiency with all involved stakeholders.

Preconfigured xECM Use Cases/Solution 

  1. Extended Document Control Solution:   Bid Management Workspaces and Document Control Vault. Loaded and updated according to pre-configured Master Document List that is linked with project scope, costs and schedule. 
  2. Supplier Integration Solution:   Controlled Extranet environment for managing the documentation to be delivered by suppliers  including revision, workflows  and transmittals for expediting. 
  3. Master Procurement Schedule Solution: Master Document List for each supplier / partner including due dates, issues;  Procurement Contract and Requisition Workspaces linked to Material and Supplier Business Workspaces (SAP MM / SRM).



With the Extended Document Control solution organizations can define a common scope and document structure to be used by all involved stakeholders. This so-called Master Document List (MDL) defines the set of documentation for which each stakeholder is responsbile. One can either use pre-defined industry best practice MDLs or define case specific MDLs according company specific standards and guidelines. This ensures that all involved parties speak the same language. By the assignment of due dates and cost to each document or set of documents the project control information is completed.   The Extended Document Control solution enriches business processes with Enterprise Content Management capabilities, seamlessly integrated into OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions. The solution includes pre-defined industry specific document templates and structures (MDL) to which are assigned due dates, cost and responsibility. Next to standard document management functions like version management, search and MS Office integration, archiving and records management capabilities are supported. Reporting capabilities support checks on completeness and progress reporting.   The Extended Document Control solution enforces the consistent handling of documents including any changes by all internal and external stakeholders at all project phases via standard workflows. The access to documents is role based and can be configured according to the division of work and responsibility. This controlled set-up allows the seamless integration of suppliers and partners and provides a sound basis for efficient communication with authorities and customers. It also supports transmittals for secure handover of documentation between stakeholders.  

Business Challenges:

  • Management of industry projects that need to deal with geographical dispersed teams, complex division of work / division of responsibility, change of scope
  • Ensure that  complete up-to-date documentation will be delivered to customer according contractual and legal obligations 
  • Eroding Margins in case of project delays and lack of transparency
  • Individual/Departmental filing leads to fragmented project documentation  
  • Difficulty finding relevant documents or knowledge  
  • Content can’t be shared between project members (internal and external) besides via  e-mail
  • Disconnect of processes, data & documents and project members. Need Comprehensive, pro-active control of capital projects and Asset Management by integration of ERP, engineering documents, project management and correspondence.   

Key Differentiators:

  • Complete set of  documentation that should be delivered is  defined before project start; and all  documents are assigned to project phases complete with due dates
  • Controlled access to the complete set of documentation for a particular project not only for  internal stakeholders but also for external parties such as suppliers and partners 
  • Check on completeness and management of changes to the defined set of documentation  
  • Control and monitoring of progress based on document deliveries and status
  • Tight integration of MS Office, E-Mail and SAP 
  • Seamless handover of documentation at project milestones

Where customers see value:

  • Run projects on time and within budget
  • Easy access to all documentation
  • Project cycle time reduction of up to 30%
  • Cost of poor quality reduction of up to 80%
  • Eliminate claims
  • Handover cost reduction of up to 80%

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