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Signing Services for OpenText

By  Digital Mind OÜ

SigningServices is an API platform to enhance your company’s e-channels and internal systems with user identification, e-signing and e-sealing capabilities.

SigningServices solves integration and implementation complexity for developers and users to provide compliant and secure digital transactions. SigningServices for OpenText has already built-in user interface and backend features so that enabling of digital trust services in your ecosystem with OpenText is seamless.

SigningServices "engine" is used to enhance your business applications with digital trust services features. Thus it is the single point of integration for your applications to enable It is deployed from within your controlled environments to meet user experience, performance, data protection, and information security as well as business continuity requirements.   It supports a variety of Trust Services Providers tools (eID cards, remote signing mobile apps, USB tokens, cryptosticks, etc.) that are used by millions.  It is used for scenarios where Qualified Electronic Signatures (it already has integrations to a variety of Qualified Trust Services) are required as well as to use Advanced Electronic Signatures in your business processes, including users adding a visual signature. Users interact with SigningServices via connector for OpenText ContentSuite or via web portals such as SigningServices portal [template] or any other business application that your users (internal and external) are using. SigningServices are then called via APIs with requests to authenticate, sign, seal, validate, etc. Archiving of signed or e-sealed data is done either in OpenText Archive or other storage based on the configuration. 



Your OpenText users and external partners such as customers and suppliers need to sign documents with Advanced or Qualified electronic signatures, while those documents must be properly managed. Your IT systems are generating data or documents that need to be e-sealed and time-stamped for other parties to trust in its origin and originality.  The cloud-native SigningServices API platform [typically deployed in your controlled environment] ensures all digital trust-related functionality, starting from data preparation, user authentication, certificates and signatures validation, hashing, signing, and e-sealing as well as time-stamping, communication with Trust Service Providers, .PDF and .ASICE container creation, signing, and handling, archiving to respective storage, such as OpenText. Naturally, available from within OpenText ContentSuite interface with built-in capabilities.

Digital Mind OÜ

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