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OpenText Media Management Connector for FADEL Rights Cloud Manager by Cyangate

By  CyanGate

The Media Management Connector for FADEL Rights Cloud allows usage rights data to be passed between FADEL’s Rights Cloud platform and OTMM. The connector tool gives users the ability to add or remove usage right agreements to assets, search for assets and much more.

Managing and deciphering usage rights on digital assets is growing in complexity every day. It gets worse when an asset has multiple agreements assigned to it with their own complex details. Content consumers don’t have the luxury of time to review each agreements detail to clearly and accurately interpret when, where, and how they can use their digital assets. Users need a clean, clear, and powerful way to select assets, identify how they intend to use those assets, and get clear answers on usage. The OTMM Connector for FADEL Right Cloud allows content consumers the ability to stay within OTMM in order to find and learn how, where, and when they can use their digital assets.

Product Highlights
• Create New Asset Records – Ingesting assets into OTMM with the Connector will auto create asset records in Rights Cloud by FADEL.
• Add/Remove Agreements - Administrators or librarians in OTMM have the ability to add or remove usage rights on assets by assigning existing agreements created in Rights Cloud by FADEL.
• Search/Filter - Users can search and filter through assets by usage details such as territory and use
• Rights Clearance – Real-time confirmation in OTMM of when, where and & how content can be used
• Data Synchronization – Update agreement details in Rights Cloud and that data will synchronize in OTMM

Value Proposition
• Streamline workflow to add or remove existing usage rights onto assets in OTMM
• Keep content consumers in OTMM when looking for usage rights details
• Improved approval process for assets (up to 70% reduction in average clearance cost)
• Faster go to market for campaigns (up to 20% increase in production time)
• Standardize compliance for rights management


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