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OpenText Web Forms for Content Suite Platform by AnswerModules

By  AnswerModules Sagl

Using Web Forms for Content Suite Platforms by AnswerModules transformed the way forms can be employed in truly innovate ways. Forms are no longer limited to gathering data, they can now act upon that data in intelligent and automated ways.

Web Forms for Content Suite Platform enhances the existing form framework with the objective of using forms for much more than simple data-input. Forms crafted with Web Forms for Content Suite Platform can be used as the front-end for almost any purpose including; document and content manipulation, interactive dashboards, automation of mundane tasks, etc.

Web Forms for Content Suite Platform also introduces enhancements to a form’s functionality by adding dynamic fields, external integrations, strong validations, responsive layouts and much more. Furthermore, the tools contained within Web Forms for Content Suite Platform drastically simplify the efforts and reduce the time required to build professional grade forms, even by non-technical users.

Product Highlights
• Dynamically display form fields
• Integrate external data sources within a form
• Robust client and server-side validations
• 100% responsive, design once for any device
• Deliver forms to users outside of Content Server
• Intuitive visual drag-and-drop form builder
• Extensive library of ready to use widgets that cover various requirements

Value Proposition
• Develop forms for any scenario, form-based process or as an application’s front-end UI
• Deliver powerful and ergonomic forms that are aligned with end-user expectations
• Allow even non-technical users to create and manage their forms
• Surface forms in the SmartUI as Tiles

AnswerModules Sagl

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