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Kainos transforms access to clinical information with OpenText. Software company partners with OpenText to deliver intelligent access to healthcare data


  • The ability for clinicians to access complex, unstructured information


  • Saved time by quickly pinpointing useful patient information

  • Saved money with the deployment of a comprehensive solution for capturing and accessing relevant data


Kainos develops information technology solutions for businesses and organizations, particularly in the public, healthcare and financial services sectors. To support their solutions, Kainos needed to find technology that could perform optical character recognition (OCR) and index complex, legacy, paper-based information. They also needed to extract document types and identify clinical disciplines to leverage in their EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solution.

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The major benefit of the Evolve/OpenText combination is that it provides something that is not present in our market currently—the ability for clinicians to access previously complex, unstructured information.

Nigel Hutchinson
Head of the Evolve business unit, Kainos

Their EMR solution, called Evolve, allows healthcare workers to have immediate online access to information traditionally held on paper, as well as information sourced from other clinical and non-clinical systems. As Kainos developed their technology requirements, several capabilities were identified. For instance, the technology must enable them to: Extract details of people mapped to clinical disciplines such as a particular doctor’s specialty (for example, Dr. Biggsdale would be mapped to Cardiology.); Create powerful visualization tools that visually cluster concepts and search results, to provide intuitive ways for clinicians to handle returned information; Connect to and index information held in other systems without directly ingesting that information. To meet these challenges, Kainos turned to OpenText for a proven, industry-leading solution.

Digitizing paper-based information

A key area of work for Kainos was the digitization of legacy, paper-based patient case notes. The information was scanned into the Evolve solution and held in an enterprise content repository.

The challenge, however, was finding a way to make the information within the documents clinically useful and easy to find and reference. Yet, the business case for scanning only made sense if the file received minimal physical preparation prior to scanning. Using this approach, Kainos would end up with a large single document containing all the underlying paper for the patient, which the clinician would then have to navigate through. This sorting procedure made it hard to obtain information from such an unstructured document.

After implementing the OpenText solution, Evolve can index the unstructured information and create a list of individual documents held within the larger scanned PDF. For example, a scanned “Legacy Correspondence” document may have 250 pages, but now the new system can analyze and index the content within the document, allowing Evolve to individually itemize the documents held within the set. For example, page 13 is a discharge summary letter for the cardiology specialty of Dr. James Biggsdale. This granularity of listings provides Evolve users the ability to quickly pinpoint and find information.

Evolve is now able to access information from multiple systems, both clinical (e.g., Pathology reports) and non-clinical (e.g., billing, HR, etc.). TeleForm enables digitization of information from paper forms, and OpenText LiquidOffice enables data capture directly from electronic forms.

With the OpenText solution, we are able to present information to the clinician without having to input it into the Evolve repository, effectively using a manage-in-place scenario. This is more efficient in that copies of information are not created, which eliminates any questions about which system holds the master copy of the information.

Nigel Hutchinson
Head of the Evolve business unit, Kainos

Now that all related clinical information is accessible within the appropriate patient record, clinicians have a comprehensive view of all relevant patient information, which supports more informed and better decision-making.

The OpenText solution also enables clinicians to use Evolve to quickly search within a patient record and across a group of patients against information that was previously held on paper and largely inaccessible. Kainos believes that this rich source of information will provide huge opportunities for research.

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