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Major League Baseball Advanced Media Hits Home Run with Artesia Digital Asset Management from Open Text

MLB.com to Utilize Solution to Automate and Centrally Manage its Extensive Collection of Baseball Audio and Video Assets

NAB 2005, Las Vegas, NV. – 2005-4-21 – Open Text™ Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), the world’s largest provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software, today announced that Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball, has selected Open Text’s Artesia for Digital Asset Management solution to provide a powerful tool for editing and managing its valuable and growing collection of professional baseball audio and video footage. Open Text’s Artesia subsidiary announced the news at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2005 Conference, underway this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MLBAM runs MLB.com, the official website of Major League Baseball, as well as each of the 30 individual team sites. Based in New York City, it serves to connect sports fans to the official source for professional baseball and provides them with the most up-to-date and informative baseball information on the web, unprecedented multimedia offerings and the most robust e-commerce experience in the industry. MLB.com selected Open Text’s Artesia Digital Asset Management solution to assist with the enormous task of editing, managing, preparing and customizing its valuable game video for distribution. The web site offers the opportunity to download digital files and build personalized baseball libraries using specialized features such as “baseball on demand,” which provides highlights, condensed games and video box scores to registered users.

Open Text worked with Sun Microsystems and leverages Sun’s expertise with networks and Web environments in order to deliver a single access point for all of MLB’s rich digital media and its underlying metadata information. Using the Artesia solution allows MLBAM to reduce the amount of time that editorial video producers spend editing and preparing linear video feeds for the type of customized video products that MLB.com offers. Official game video, sent directly from baseball parks across the country, is fed to MLBAM video producers who then use Artesia Digital Asset Management technology to give them real-time access to video in a non-linear format. Essentially, editors can edit game video more efficiently without having to work in a time-consuming linear approach; they can create “surgical” video, and quickly edit and package game highlights or create video box scores.

“Using Artesia Digital Asset Management allows us to quickly and efficiently manipulate the huge amount of digital feeds that result from MLB game coverage,” said Justin Shaffer, Vice President and Chief Architect for MLB.com. “In addition, the technology from Open Text and Sun Microsystems is robust enough to provide us with expanded editing and archiving tools under one user interface, which is important since we want to avoid placing additional burdens on our team of video editors.”

“As we continue to catalog and distribute exciting game footage for our fans, our partnership with Open Text ensures that we can easily provide those fans with the types of products that match their needs, whether its game summaries, highlights or other specialized cuts of video.”

Major League Baseball Advanced Media is the latest in a growing and impressive list of organizations that have chosen the Artesia for Digital Asset Management solution to assist with the management of their valuable digital content. ”We’re thrilled to have MLBAM join our fast-growing customer ranks and the rising group of companies who recognize the strategic benefit of a digital asset management solution,” said Scott Bowen, President of Open Text’s Artesia subsidiary. “MLBAM’s particular use is further evidence of the rapid mainstreaming and tremendous value that a digital asset management solution like Artesia adds to streamlining the capture, production and distribution of digital video content.”

"The success of the MLB.com implementation further reinforces the decision Sun made years ago to select Artesia as the DAM component for the Sun Digital Asset Management Reference Architecture,” said Bruce Lyon, Industry Group Manager for Broadcast & Media, Sun Microsystems. "Building integration on Java has enabled Artesia and our reference architecture partners to develop an open, compressive system for managing video, audio, and rich media across the professional media enterprise."

MLB.com expects to complete the integration of Open Text technology by the All-Star break in the summer of 2005. This will complete a process which was over two years in the making and which resulted from very careful consideration of both the technology and the provider of that technology.

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