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OpenText Exceed TurboX

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High-speed access to graphical UNIX, Linux and Windows applications over the WAN.

OpenText Exceed TurboX (ETX) provides high-speed access to graphical applications and desktops running on X11 and Windows hosts. ETX provides a central location for IT to securely deploy applications running on a variety of server platforms, including physical workstations and virtualized environments to a managed list of users across the globe. ETX enables organizations to reduce IT and datacenter costs by enabling IT to move to virtual datacenters with minimal disruption to the business.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional responsiveness for high-performance graphical applications such as those found in engineering, oil & gas, financial services and manufacturing
  • Increase datacenter density and scalability with NVIDIA GRID vGPU support
  • Reduce WAN bandwidth usage by 90% with the highly efficient ThinX transport protocol
  • Manage server infrastructure, applications, and users from a central web interface
  • Extremely stable sessions with an external session proxy enable you to run simulations for weeks or months at a time without losing work
  • Improve global collaboration with the ability to pass control between users in shared remote sessions
  • Simplify your IT infrastructure by managing your UNIX, Linux and Windows applications from a single platform
  • Provide a single, consistent experience for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and iPad users
  • High-definition display: ETX offers pixel-perfect drawing and precise color rendering to support engineers and designers running intensive graphical applications over the WAN or LAN
  • Reduced bandwidth usage: Exceed TurboX is up to 90 percent more bandwidth efficient than traditional X servers, thanks to the highly efficient ThinX Protocol.ETX adapts to a variety of network conditions while ensuring high quality remote display.
  • Built-in 3D support: CAD/CAM engineers and other professionals working with 3D applications and desktops can take advantage of GPU-accelerated OpenGL and DirectX sessions with support for scalable NVIDIA GRID architecture.
  • Suspend and resume: By suspending any active sessions and resuming them anytime, anywhere, on any platform, users can take both Windows and X Window sessions with them when they are on the go.
  • Session sneak peek: This feature provides users with a convenient snapshot of the session in real-time, through the web dashboard—an unprecedented way of looking into a session in real-time from any desktop or mobile browser
  • Fail-proof sessions: ETX is exceptionally stable, allowing sessions to run for weeks or months without issues. ETX will automatically suspend any active session in the event that the network connection is lost, maintaining the user’s session and protecting valuable project data from accidental disconnection.
  • All-in-one remote access: ETX provides fast remote access to hosted UNIX, Linux®, and Windows desktops and applications from any Windows, Mac®, Linux PC or iPad®. Exceed TurboX allows users to work on the platform of their choice, while accessing applications and desktops on a variety of hosts.