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OpenText Exceed XDK

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Protect your investment in X Window applications by porting them to Microsoft Windows.

OpenText Exceed XDK is a software development package for porting existing X Window® applications from UNIX®, Linux®, or VMS systems to Microsoft®  Windows® with minimum re-programming requirements.

Enterprise applications take years to create and perfect and often require hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to build, test, and improve. Exceed XDK preserves your investment in X Window applications and can reduce the future cost of ownership for those applications. It reduces software development costs and shortens development cycles. Software companies can develop new product offerings by releasing Windows-ready applications based on existing source code.

OpenText Exceed XDK

  • Protects and leverages investments in legacy applications
  • Allows developers to remove legacy applications from aging hardware and older operating systems
  • Takes advantage of the ubiquitous, low-cost Microsoft Windows PC platform
  • Native 64-bit support for Microsoft Windows x64 family and Windows 7 and 8
  • Supports X11R7.7
  • Xinerama extension support
  • Supports Motif 2.1.30
  • Improved local X clients performance
  • Supports Microsoft Visual .NET framework
  • X internationalization architecture