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OpenText Exceed onDemand

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Securely and reliably deliver applications over the Internet to users working anywhere in the world.

OpenText Exceed onDemand, the predecessor to OpenText Exceed TurboX, is an enterprise solution for dependable, managed application access for X Window systems, including UNIX®, Linux®, Oracle® Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX. Exceed onDemand is a thin-client remote access solution that provides dependable, high performance, and secure managed access to X Window applications and desktops from Windows®, Apple®, and Linux desktops, Apple iPad® devices, Solaris and AIX workstations.

Exceed onDemand offers pixel-perfect drawing and high performance X Window display across any network connection, allowing organizations to securely and reliably deliver the most complex line-of-business applications to thousands of enterprise users.

Exceed onDemand

  • Provides highly precise, color-accurate rendering for some of the most sophisticated business software available, including engineering design (CAD) and 3D modeling applications
  • Enforces security with SSH and SSL standards to control remote application access and protect valuable business assets
  • Prevents unauthorized eavesdropping with end-to-end SSH/SSL encryption
  • Supports productivity by allowing users to transfer, suspend, or resume X sessions; manage configuration files; and collaborate in shared sessions
  • Provides various licensing options and tools to support businesses in maximizing their user productivity