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OpenText Connectivity

Provide fast, reliable, and secure access to data and applications anywhere in the enterprise.

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OpenText Connectivity products, formerly Hummingbird, provide fast, reliable access to a variety of business host systems including UNIX® and Linux®, Microsoft® Windows®, mainframes, AS/400s, network file systems (NFS), and more.

With Connectivity, organizations can take advantage of low-cost, widely available PC and web technologies while leveraging their investments in data, enterprise applications, and host systems (mainframes, UNIX/Linux servers, and similar systems that reside in the data center). Connectivity products include enhanced security and performance for easier, faster connections with greater protection of sensitive data on open networks.

Unsurpassed in quality and speed, Connectivity software is backed by more than two decades of R&D and customer service, along with the commitment of a global software company that leads the market in Enterprise Information Management. The Connectivity product family addresses the needs of both larger enterprises and SMBs, in industries ranging from financial services to retail to product design and manufacturing.

Key Benefits

  • High performance, remote access to UNIX, Linux, and Solaris desktops and applications from any Windows, Mac or Linux endpoint
  • Access legacy IBM mainframes, 5250s and UNIX hosts from modern Windows PCs without having to replace or upgrade any existing mainframes or servers
  • Strong, government-grade encryption and authentication with support for FIPS 140-2 and FIPS-201 standards
  • Reduce the server hardware and software costs and complexity associated with deploying virtual desktop and application infrastructure
  • SOCKS and NFS 4.0 support for the latest Windows operating systems and virtualization environments
  • Veteran support and development teams provide fast, expert assistance, backed by the strength of OpenText, the leader in Enterprise Information Management

Business Needs

Business Needs

In many organizations, the IT environment has become increasingly complex, with a mix of UNIX® and Linux® servers, mainframe systems, desktop computers running Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® OS X, and a growing variety of mobile devices. In general, these systems were not designed to work together.

As a result, organizations face tough connectivity requirements:

  • They need to provide access to legacy IBM 3270, 5250, and UNIX systems, which run applications built for the mainframe and still in use today. Unfortunately, the original terminals used to access the applications have largely disappeared.
  • In certain industries, organizations rely on high performance, graphically intensive UNIX, Linux and Windows server-based applications running in the datacenter, but the users who operate these applications typically sit in front of Windows PCs, often at remote locations.

Users will continue to need secure, fast access to those applications from Windows desktop computers, mobile devices, and web browsers. In addition, as users increasingly access work data applications from home and across unsecured public networks, security is a growing concern.

The challenges for IT administrators include ensuring that these systems can interact seamlessly, that users can get to their data and applications from common platforms (such as Microsoft Windows), and that data and applications are protected even as they’re accessed across open networks.

OpenText Connectivity products are designed for this complex environment, enabling secure, fast, and reliable access across disparate systems.


Remote Access

OpenText Exceed TurboX

Provide secure, high-
performance access over the WAN to applications and data hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

  • Provide a central location for IT to securely deploy applications running on a variety of server platforms
  • Save costs by consolidating applications into the data center with minimal disruption to the business
  • Realize exceptional performance for high-intensity graphical applications
  • Benefit from 90% more efficiency in bandwidth usage versus traditional remote access solutions
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OpenText Exceed

Securely and reliably access X Window applications on UNIX and Linux servers from Microsoft Windows and Citrix® desktops.

  • Establish simultaneous connections to different computers running X applications
  • Display a familiar visual interface from your X environment, using an X Window manager
  • Support smart card and PIV authentication for enhanced security
  • Port your X applications to Microsoft Windows with Exceed XDK
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OpenText Exceed onDemand

Securely and reliably deliver applications over the Internet to users working anywhere in the world.

  • Deliver the most complex line-of-business applications to thousands of enterprise users, over the Internet or corporate network
  • Prevent unauthorized eavesdropping with end-to-end SSH/SSL encryption
  • Support productivity by allowing users to transfer, suspend, or resume X sessions; manage configuration files; and collaborate in shared sessions
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Terminal Emulation

OpenText HostExplorer

Offer users the convenience of accessing remote applications through a desktop or browser interface.

  • Access legacy mainframes and enterprise hosts from the latest Windows desktop and web technologies, including Windows terminal emulator for IBM 3270 mainframes, 5250 (AS/400), and UNIX
  • Offer a browser interface to existing applications, without risks or additional training
  • Provides excellent security, fast performance, and a customizable emulation environment
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NFS for Windows

NFS Server

Add an enterprise-class NFS server that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Provides better scalability and fail-over in Microsoft cluster environments
  • Supports Enterprise Directory Services for better access control with NIS, NIS+, LDAP, and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Meet security and compliance requirements with the only PC NFS solution that supports NFSv4 security
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NFS Client

Provide Windows PC users with access to NFS resources, including file servers and printers.

  • Allow Microsoft® Windows® users to access file and printer resources residing on UNIX®, Linux®, VMS, Macintosh®, and many NFS-enabled hosts
  • Provide high performance, security, and convenience, without modifying host systems
  • Benefit from the latest developments in the industry-standard NFS protocol, including NFSv2, v3, and v4; WebNFS; GSSAPI-Kerberos implementation
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NFS Gateway

Provide access to NFS resources from Microsoft Windows clients, using Windows servers as the gateway.

  • Enable Windows® servers with the functionalities of an NFS client, allowing them to share the access to NFS resources with downstream Windows-based clients
  • Centrally control who can access which NFS resources
  • Provide better scalability and fail-over in Microsoft cluster environments
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SOCKS Client

Connect computers across firewalls from one network to another while maintaining the highest level of security.

  • Allow applications to reach legitimate external hosts through simple, centrally controlled rule-based settings, without requiring any changes to the applications
  • Enable computers on one network to connect to hosts on another network through a proxy
  • Include SOCKS technology in ISV applications without changing code or workflows
  • Support for SOCKS V4 and V5 protocols
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Secure Shell

Take advantage of the latest security protocols to protect data traffic over unsecure networks.

  • Protects sensitive, proprietary information at all times—at rest and in motion—while enabling access from remote computers and devices
  • Ensures zero disruption to the users who remotely access data and applications from web browsers and desktop computers
  • Take advantage of standards-based security protocols: SSH, SSL/TLS, Kerberos
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Resource Center

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We immediately benefitted from faster execution, with far less data being transmitted over our wide area network.

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Our deployment of Exceed onDemand helped us solve many of the business challenges we faced given our diverse work locations. We’re now easily connecting our employees to all of the major applications they need for their daily responsibilities, enhancing productivity while also reducing hardware costs. We’re looking forward to continuing our successful relationship with OpenText.

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Fairchild Semiconductors

The benefits of having the Suspend and Resume feature in Exceed onDemand can't be found anywhere else.

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Penn State University

Exceed onDemand has enabled our researchers in engineering and other data intensive sciences to become much more productive when using and manipulating three dimensional representations of large datasets

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