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OpenText Web Experience Management

Attract visitors to your site with a dynamic content management system (CMS) that drives exceptional and personalized online experiences

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Your customers expect to access your web content seamlessly, in a highly tailored and contextualized experience, across a myriad of channels and devices. With a scalable content management system (CMS) that enables you to build an interactive website capable of handling large volumes of visitor traffic as well as day-to-day transactions, you can further engage your customers with targeted, contextualized, and highly personalized online experiences.

Today's cross-functional enterprise requires a unified and secure web experience and content management platform. Only OpenText Web Experience Management (WEM) combines responsive design, omni channel touch points, and the creation of compelling experiences with a content management system that supports the ubiquitous management of information, regardless of channel or device.

OpenText Web Experience Management is built for high-volume, transaction-oriented web applications across all customer-centric touch points – Intranet or extranet, public or private. Architected for the global enterprise and designed for business users, WEM transforms online transactions into actionable strategic insights. Offering the rich functionality that an enterprise CMS application demands, its simplified features enable organizations to elevate the overall web experience and cater to the unique needs of all customers.

What OpenText Web Experience Management Can Do For You

OpenText Web Experience Management delivers the following benefits:

  • Leverage responsive design to display content consistently across mobile devices and platforms
  • Increase revenue by satisfying customers with compelling experiences and meaningful conversations
  • Gain competitive advantage by aligning IT and business digital strategies, processes and technologies
  • Identify possible process improvements for optimizing marketing effectiveness

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Why Choose OpenText Web Experience Management?

  • Responsive and contextual browsing: An intuitive design interface encourages business users to create a web presence based on the principles of responsive design to deliver optimized, non-disruptive experiences.
  • Tailored compelling experiences: Build meaningful relationships by creating contextual, compelling content with persona-based segmentation. Real-time customer insights and analytics ensure that content is always insightful and compelling.
  • Provide consistent omni-channel experiences: Leverage every customer touch point with device neutral, content-centric experiences.

OpenText Web Experience Management supports enterprise content management (CMS), platforms, languages, and devices with the following new features to help organizations exceed customers' online expectations:

Responsive Design

  • Built on responsive design principles: WEM supports different screen sizes, adaptive layouts and navigation, is search engine friendly, and provides selective content experiences by device.
  • Enhanced in-line editing: Easily edit within the authoring system with drag and drop, HTML5, and other functions that make authoring more intuitive. For customers using WEM to build web presences that leverage HTML5 and CSS3, a sample site built on the highly regarded open-source Twitter Bootstrap framework is provided.
  • Manage all responsive content and supporting formats as one instance: Authors need only manage system metadata, search engine keywords, standard language translations, and mobile formations from one content management system (CMS).

Compelling Experiences

  • Support for adaptive design: Delivers granular-level segmentation and targeting capabilities that can be executed at the content, component or regional level. With the addition of new out-of-the-box marketing campaign and ad teaser page components, end users are provided with optimized content experiences tailored to their unique business needs.
  • Flexible segmentation and targeting rules: Pull user characteristics from social media networks, integrated systems or pre-defined locations to target content accordingly.
  • Rich media support: WEM includes native Rich Media Management capabilities for managing images, video, and podcasts.
  • Built-in social media features: For building engaging, community-driven sites WEM provides out-of-the-box, reusable social components for ratings, tags, comments, blogs, wikis, forums, photo and video libraries, micro blogging, social networking along with syndication capabilities.

Omni-channel touch points

  • In-context preview environment: Easily preview web pages as they would appear when published, regardless of device or location. Pages can also be previewed by language translation, output format/device, and user-segmented profiles.
  • Ensure localized, contextual experiences: Multilingual content management, translation services, workflow wizards, and translation dashboards ensure localized content for your global audiences.
  • Translation tools and split-screen edit capability: Send translation workflows off to a third-party translation service providers or engines.
  • Social media integration: Provides in-context previewing and integration into all popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Enterprise Muscle

  • Enterprise architecture enhancements: Including clustering, API and RESTFUL service improvements, and enhanced content management system (CMS) deployment and caching agent.
  • Semantically enhanced SOLR search integration: Enhances semantic facets that enrich search results and content relevance for all end users.
  • Enhanced CMS and content delivery: Sophisticated, patented CMS and caching capabilities turn static web sites into highly dynamic sites, providing faster navigation for end users and reducing hardware costs.
  • Flexible workflows: Workflow design tools manage all system workflows, task and content lifecyles. These workflows can easily map to pre-established business processes.

Compliance and Integration

  • Integrated Records Management and archiving capabilities: Reduce security risks and adhere to corporate governance mandates by ensuring only approved content is published and archived from corporate sites.
  • Automated Digital Asset Management synchronization: Items in OpenText Media Management can be accessed from within WEM and sets of assets (folders, categories, or other groupings) can be automatically synchronized and made available to WEM.
  • Optimized for enterprise CMS integrations: Provides pre-built connectors to OpenText Content Server, OpenText Portal, and Microsoft SharePoint.

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Using OpenText, associates working in our corporate office and at Hyatt properties can quickly update and locate fundamental information and benefit from the knowledge of other individuals—regardless of location. That translates into more time dedicated to our guests.

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