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Delivering a better, smarter Web experience

In today’s economy, where competition is fierce, businesses stand to benefit from implementing an enterprise-class portal that provides consistent access to tools that improve productivity, fuel innovation, and improve customer satisfaction. Enterprise portals can engage employees, partners, customers, and prospects along the entire customer life cycle.

OpenText Portal (formerly Vignette Portal) provides a highly scalable and efficient means of aggregating content and applications for use across a variety of initiatives inside and outside the firewall.


Presenting your brand, services and marketing campaigns to the Web, OpenText Portal delivers highly personalized Web and mobile sites with rich content and applications, enabling you to:

  • improve efficiencies,
  • deliver higher user satisfaction, and
  • engage more diverse audiences both inside and outside your firewalls.

Portals help drive business efficiency

The OpenText Portal applied to an enterprise content-centric experience can enhance your organization’s productivity by simplifying your information technology environment while enabling you to take advantage of your existing investments. The OpenText Portal provides the ability to aggregate your existing ECM suite solutions to help create a seamless and engaging enterprise mashup user experience.  OpenText Portal empowers a rapid mashup and composite application creation via a point and click-driven tool that enables users to combine Web services, repository data, and user interfaces in meaningful ways to create valuable business applications without IT intervention.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership across the IT landscape
  • Improve employee, partner, and customer access to information, promoting better decision making
  • Remove reliance on IT to help improve business agility
  • Create and deploy mashups and composite applications to create meaningful and engaging experiences
  • Extend access by enabling mobile Web site and application delivery
  • Improve access to enterprise content and collaboration

Portals help deliver more profitable and responsive Web sites

The OpenText Portal applied to a customer-centric Web experience can help to improve your organization’s ability to predict and respond to market dynamics. Creating Web sites that deliver personalization can help make your site stickier by delivering content in the right context. The OpenText portal can help connect the right people in an organization to rapidly react to trends by listening to your communities’ conversations. OpenText Portal's point-and-click configuration simplifies the task of customizing one or many Web sites, putting layout and page management in the hands of marketing and business users, not IT. Business users can create highly informative and engaging Web pages by simply selecting portlets from OpenText’s library of over 200 portlets.

Benefits include:

  • Increase customer engagement and improve partner relationships
  • Deploy micro sites and global initiatives with ease
  • Create a contextual and personalized experience with dynamically targeted content and user interface elements
  • Improve self service to Increase loyalty and satisfaction
  • Increase revenue by providing the ability to attract, retain, and convert more high value customers

Portals help empower user engagement and conversations

The OpenText Portal applied to a social-centric Web experience can help empower organizations to engage with their customers, employees, and partners. OpenText Portal's pre-defined social portlets, along with advanced segmentation and targeting capabilities, enable the creation of highly interactive and contextual online experiences that meet the demands of today’s Web 2.0 empowered employees, partners, and customers. Making your user experience more social draws users back to your site again and again by offering them the valuable and relevant information they want. It provides two-way interaction between your customers and knowledge workers via social media networks to increase customer satisfaction and lower help desk costs.

Benefits include:

  • Provide social media on existing sites or create new community sites
  • Improve employee efficiency by increasing findability of relevant and meaningful content based on a user’s context
  • Engage visitors and increase conversions to improve ROI
  • React rapidly to trends by listening to your communities’ conversations
  • Improve customer service and loyalty by providing customers an online community where they can express and share their opinions

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