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OpenText Video Services

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Video and the Web

OpenText Video Services helps customers build their brand, sell products, improve communications and learning, and increase advertising revenue by providing advanced video management and delivery capabilities that are integrated with OpenText content management solutions. The consumption and use of video across all industries, inside and outside the firewall, continues to see phenomenal growth. The video-centric Web is here. Are you ready? OpenText has the solutions that you need to succeed in an increasingly complex Web communications environment. Video Services can help customers:

  • Drive greater traffic and engagement
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of implementing video
  • Increase revenue and visitor engagement
  • Deliver video to any screen quickly with scale

Enable User Generated Content (UGC)

Capabilities include the ability to ingest and convert to multiple formats and store and manage galleries. The rise in the amount and popularity of User-Generated Content (UGC) provides additional opportunities for organizations to interact, communicate, and engage with their visitors.

Manage and Deliver Video End-to-End

Video Services provides an end-to-end video management and delivery solution, integrated into OpenText product suites that do not require the need for third-party technologies. For instance, many video management solutions require integrations into other transcoding, storage, or delivery technologies to create a complete solution increasing the time, cost, and complexity of implementation. Video Services has native transcoding capabilities included; redundant, reliable, and scalable storage solutions; and global network delivery capabilities, removing any potential integration complexity. In addition to a robust set of out-of- the-box features, Video Services can be customized to meet the specific needs or requirements for each organization.

Handle Simple to Complex Video Requirements

OpenText software integrations, Web-based management interfaces, and Web APIs

Video Services can handle the spectrum of simple to complex video management requirements. OpenText provides custom video management workflows prebuilt into its Enterprise Content Management solutions and also offers a Web-based interface and a rich set of Web APIs to extend all aspects of video ingest, management, transcoding, and delivery. The granular and rich Web API enables distinctive flexibility in the implementation and allows for deep integration into Web applications based on any language.

Changeable formats and templates

Video formats continue to proliferate with no universal standard for video formats today. Video Services understands this complexity and allows customers to create “recipes” for video transcoding that meet the needs of their business. Video Services can ingest a wide range of origin formats and transcode those video assets to most popular online Web, mobile, and portable device formats that are compatible with Media Players used by that organization. Customers can choose from a range of pre-existing recipes for common output formats or customize recipes for specific encoding options to control quality, formats, and compression.

Flexible approach to video players

Video Services has a flexible approach to players. While many video management solutions offer limited customization of the player, Video Services allows customers to have full control.

Our solution includes an out-of-the-box Flash® player that provides standard play out functionality.

It also includes the ability to share video segments with others through the use of vTags, and provides an embed code for easy reuse and replay on any Web site.

In addition, Flash players can be easily customized to have a branded look and feel to enable design consistency within the rest of the customer’s Web experience. More advanced options include taking ownership of the player through the source code or potential integrations into an existing player of the customer’s choosing.

Learn more about the features and benefits of Video Services:

Feature Benefit
OpenText Product Integrations The Video Services REST API is used to extend OpenText Content Web Services and products as a bundled solution to support robust video management and delivery features both inside and outside the firewall. Examples of OpenText software that Video Services can be natively deployed with include:
Administrative Console Video Services includes a Web  console that provides a single administrative interface a customer can use to:
  • Upload and ingest assets
  • Manage assets and metadata
  • Crop and organize content into playlists
  • Preview and play assets
  • Review reports and metrics

Through the administrative console, users are able to edit video metadata, change thumbnail images and transcode video to various formats.

Web API Video Services provides a comprehensive REST API which means that this Web API is easily usable by any Web application, running on virtually any platform or language. More than 40 API interfaces are available to expose most aspects of video management including ingest, query operations, management operations and transcoding operations.
Reporting In addition to live user behavior analytics displayed in heatmaps, Video Services provides more than 20 standard reports out of the box, including reports on the segments that viewers are sharing (vTags) and the reports can be provided  in various formats including .pdf, .html,.xls, and .csv. The reporting capabilities can also be customized to include additional reports when necessary.
Video Player Video Services includes an out-of-the-box Flash player that provides seamless integration into existing Web sites. The player provides standard play out functionality with seek ahead and behind  functionality, and also includes the ability to share video segments  with others through the use of vTags, utilizes the texture strip to find the relevant parts of the video and provides an embed  code  for easy re-use and replay on any Web site. The robust Flash player can also be customized to create a branded player look, feel and design, and to present roll and overlay advertising.  OpenText Video Services also supports delivery through HTML5 and device specific streaming technologies to devices that do not support Flash.
Transcode Video Services enables the conversion  of a wide array of source digital formats into many popular video output formats including:
  • Web Video Formats (Flash, Mpeg  4, Windows Media)
  • Mobile Formats (downloaded or streamed to mobile devices)
  • Podcast Formats
  • IPTV Formats

Artesia is now OpenText

Find out more about the Artesia products that have been re-branded under new OpenText Digital Asset Management product names.