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OpenText StreamServe

Profit more from customer contacts and business processes

OpenText StreamServe enables you to:

  • Engage more profitably with customers – Leverage personally relevant information at touch points ranging from one-on-one contact to high-volume, mass-produced documents  
  • Simplify and automate document execution and handling – Streamline document-related business processes to lower cost and speed performance
  • Empower users – Give business users hands-on control of the documents they need to run the business, and simultaneously relieve the demands on IT for change requests and support
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes – Whether communicating with customers and suppliers, triggering internal processes, or facilitating payment and revenue, business processes are an innate part of the organization.

With StreamServe, your document environment can also make solid contributions to the bottom line. More than 5,000 StreamServe customers globally have already realized the benefits. Linked with your business systems, but requiring few or no changes to them, OpenText StreamServe adds extensive in-house capabilities for defining, producing and interacting with enterprise documents. It provides straightforward tools for business users such as designers, marketing staff, customer support agents, and process owners to efficiently create and use the documents that are most relevant to them.

In document-intensive business processes—logistics and distribution, for example—StreamServe eliminates most, if not all, costly and error-prone manual handling. Automating the flow of paperwork through electronic checkpoints, StreamServe reduces cost, accelerates timelines, and substantially improves the accuracy of the documentation. And the result? Better customer, partner and supplier relationships.

StreamServe supports Customer Communications Management, which empowers business managers to rapidly and directly create content, such as marketing messages, campaigns, and cross/upsell offers, and to control how and when this content is automatically included in customer correspondence.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Communications with customers, vendors and partners are an essential part of every business. A solid communications management strategy is a critical part of your company's success. While every company has unique needs and challenges, OpenText has created results-based solutions to simplify the process of identifying and adopting the most effective communication package to meet your needs.

OpenText StreamServe Solutions include the following components*:

  • Ad Hoc Correspondence: Provides business users with web-based access to pre-approved templates to create and personalize business communications.
  • Collector: Enables documents stored in its short-term, ready reference repository to be viewed, recalled, or re-sent in a matter of seconds.
  • Composition Center: Hands-on creation of correspondence with control of content & application of business rules to selectively embed content into documents.
  • Correspondence Reviewer: Assures the quality of workflow-generated documents through an automated, web-based process that allows for review, modification, and approval or rejection of customer-bound correspondence.
  • ERP Connectivity Packs: Enables direct connection to the most popular ERP systems, including SAP®, Lawson and Infor.
  • Input Formats (AFPIN & PDFIN): Permits import of data from most common high-volume document formats (AFP and PDF)
  • Post Processing: Organizes documents to optimize production printing, collection, sorting, layout, and imposition. It bundles documents from asynchronous applications to optimize postal delivery, including applying OMR marks.
  • Production Monitor: Monitors, optimizes and controls document production.
  • RFID: Creates customer-required barcodes or Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and labels.
  • StoryTeller: Enables designers, rather than IT staff, to create highly capable document templates in familiar desktop publishing environments.

*Components not sold individually