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U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice Consolidates Case Management

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Office of the Federal Detention Trustee streamlines multi-agency detention designation with OpenText MBPM for efficient case resolution and millions in cost avoidance   

Using OpenText MBPM as the foundation for the eDesignate system, OFDT has successfully developed a streamlined business process that incorporates a more efficient and effective means of submitting, monitoring, communicating, and resolving designation cases.


  • Lost paperwork
  • Slow processing times
  • Limited audit trail



  • Measurable cost saving
  • Ability to share data across multiple government agencies
  • Increased collaboration across agencies
  • Achievement of paperless e-Gov objectives
  • Faster, more efficient case resolution process

About U.S. Department of Justice

The Department of Justice Office of the Federal Detention Trustee was established and activated in September 2001 by directive of Congress in response to growing concerns regarding federal detention. It is the mission of the Federal Detention Trustee to provide for the safe, secure, and humane confinement of persons in federal custody awaiting trial or immigration proceedings. For more information, visit: www.justice.gov/ofdt