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Transport Canada

Transport Canada Drives Information Management

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OpenText’s Records, Document, and Information Management System (RDIMS) connects Transport Canada country-wide

Transport Canada (TC) was the first Government of Canada department to complete full desktop national deployment to the enterprise and has continued to operate successfully for over eight years. With over four million records, more than 30 business process ccmMercury applications, and 5,200 users TC’s RDIMS and ccmMercury is the largest single library deployment in the Canadian public sector. To implement a full ECM solution, TC was the first department to fully integrate ccmMercury with RDIMS to achieve its performance measurement challenges and unique business process solutions. ECM is now a mission critical application for the department’s managers and staff.

Chris Molinski, Chief Information Officer andDirector General, Technology Information Management Services Directorate (TIMSD), Transport Canada


Transport Canada was concerned about the dissemination of information through electronic means, privacy assurances, corporate memory loss due to employee turnover, and the need for real-time access to information to satisfy requests and litigation concerns.



Transport Canada has drastically improved collaboration that overcomes geographical impediments. Business processes and project management have been enhanced for better overall organizational performance. Additionally, productivity and efficiency have increased with real-time access to information, resulting in cost savings and substantial return on investment.

About Transport Canada

Transport Canada’s mission is to serve the public interest through the promotion of a safe and secure, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation system in Canada.