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LegalKEY Products


We see the benefit of OpenText Conflicts Management, LegalKEY Edition as being more efficient in terms of controlling the report output and the result output. We spend less time looking at stacks and stacks of paper and more time drilling down on the actual result hits and evaluating them for our lawyers. It saves our practicing lawyers from spending administrative time reviewing irrelevant data in conflict reports and allows them to spend more time serving clients.

Ed Hayes, Business Intake Manager, Hunton & Williams

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OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint


The key benefits are that wehave one ECM system for all users. Wecan ensure a single version of the truth.We plan to implement records management on top of that so we can ensure compliance when we are audited.We can improve work processes around administration – there is a lot to gain there.Wewill also reduce the amount of paper we use.

Jos Linden, Program Manager at SABIC

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OpenText Exceed onDemand

Information Exchange

Exceed onDemand has enabled our researchers in engineering and other data intensive sciences to become much more productive when using and manipulating three dimensional representations of large datasets

Michael Fenn, Systems Administrator, Penn State University

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