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OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365

Connect business processes and content to accelerate efficiencies across teams

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Strengthen your collaboration in Microsoft Teams with OpenText Extended ECM

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ integrates the Office 365 suite with a centralized content management platform and other key process applications. Creating continuous information flows, the solution provides access to the information needed for productivity, collaboration and decision making and applies governance to content created within Microsoft applications.

Why choose OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365?

  • Full content services capabilities

    Automatically integrates Office 365 content into a content management framework for comprehensive lifecycle governance and sharing across systems.

  • Surface relevant enterprise information

    Automatically retrieve and display business information from other lead applications, such as Salesforce and SAP, directly in the UI of each Office app.

  • Integrates with Microsoft Purview Information Protection

    Protect incoming and outgoing content, manage access and control and prevent data leaks using Microsoft Purview Information Protection.

  • Maximize Teams collaboration

    Capture, classify and introduce full lifecycle management of content, including chat, files and wikis, created within Teams, while making it available to other people and processes that may need it.

How Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365.

  • Expand visibility and increase productivity

    Work in familiar Office solutions while storing information in the OpenText secure repository for full visibility into business process and associated content.

  • Control Microsoft Office 365 Teams lifecycle

    Automatically store information in a central repository as a new Team is created, retaining the information upon completion and deletion of the Team.

  • Protect content creation

    Maintain control of content from the point of creation to track and record any changes throughout the content collaboration process for a complete content audit trail.

  • On-premises and online access

    Support hybrid working models for real-time collaboration online or on-premises to further align with business requirements.


  • Full integration with Microsoft Office 365 services

    Breaks down silos to unify content from services, such as Teams, Outlook and SharePoint, and enhance efficiency across the enterprise.

  • SharePoint UI integration

    Allows users to search ECM solution content directly within the SharePoint UI and instantly access records and information that is not stored in SharePoint.

  • Co-authoring and real-time collaboration

    Offers the ability for multiple users to create, access and directly edit documents stored in Extended ECM for Office 365 and easily collaborate with instantly reflected changes.

  • Business workspace creation

    Offers a virtual representation of a business process where users can directly save, access and share Office content with all stakeholders.

  • Records management and archiving

    Adds intelligent search, automation, archiving and synchronization capabilities to manage the compliance and security of important business information in Microsoft UIs.

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