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OpenText Extended ECM for Government

Simplify digital transformation in the Public Sector


OpenText™ Extended ECM for Government

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Government provides the digital file and case management for modern administration in central, local and municipal government. The solution manages content lifecycles while meeting government laws and standards to enable efficient digital processes with end-to-end effective collaboration.

Why choose OpenText Extended ECM for Government?

  • Validated and resold by SAP

    The only enterprise content management solution specific to the Public Sector that has undergone rigorous validation by SAP to ensure the highest quality standards.

  • Complete end-to-end solution

    Manage the content lifecycle with end-to-end digital processes from content capture and classification to creation and distribution through to deletion or segregation.

  • Purpose built for Public Sector

    Tailored to meet the security, case management and correspondence requirements specific to the Public Sector.

How Extended ECM for Government can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Extended ECM for Government.

  • Eliminate paper

    Digitize record keeping and processes with eFile and eCase electronic record keeping and case management for a modern, digital administration.

  • Improve process efficiency and speed

    Streamline content related processes and collaboration within and across agencies for more back-office efficiency and better citizen service.

  • Strengthen compliance and consistency

    Adhere to governmental guidance and standards for electronic record keeping with a defined file plan aligned to DoD certified records management.

  • Secure accountability

    Enable proxy users acting with the right authorizations and capture their decisions, while tracking user actions and content lifecycle stages with audit trails.

  • Increase user productivity

    Provide users with a modern, simple and intuitive user interface that integrates in various environments and works on a variety of devices.


  • Electronic case management with eFiles and eCases

    Provides comprehensive enterprise content management with enhancements for case management using eFiles and eCases. Governs the content lifecycle with records management and enforces consistent naming with file organization plans.

  • Centralized workspace

    Get a personalized view of past and present work items, access to eFiles and eCases via the file plan or folder structure, and start workflows or work on assignments all in a single interface.

  • Assignments, workflows and file circulation

    Offers the ability to use workflows for structured processes or work with ad-hoc tasks to route documents, eFiles or eCases for review and/or approval by multiple users.

  • Content capturing and classification

    Includes content capturing with scanning, OCR recognition, electronic and paper information extraction and classification for targeted routing and further processing.

  • Content generation and distribution

    Allows documents to be generated in the background or created by users, stored in the system and sent to recipients using multi-channel distribution.

  • Viewer with annotations and redaction

    Enables users to display documents of multiple formats, view and navigate within documents, find strings or regular expressions, annotate with text or graphic elements, apply intelligent redaction, publish the viewed file or compare two files.

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