Documentum for Healthcare – Connector for Epic

Integrate unstructured content into Epic EMR software for a complete patient record

terabytes of data are generated by healthcare providers every day, with most of it unstructured and hard to work with without a data management plan in place.[1]


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OpenText™ Documentum™ for Healthcare – Connector for Epic® enables healthcare organizations to capture all content types, regardless of source, location or format, to form a complete patient record within Epic EMR software and simplify the viewing of structured and unstructured information.

Why choose Documentum for Healthcare – Connector for Epic?

  • Complete patient records

    Access records ingested in other systems within Epic to view complete patient records in one place.

  • Comprehensive content capture

    Capture structured and unstructured content of all types, regardless of source, location or format.

  • Simplified view of data

    View all structured and unstructured patient information within Epic.

How Documentum for Healthcare – Connector for Epic can benefit businesses

Discover the advantages of using Documentum for Healthcare – Connector for Epic.

  • Improve Epic integration

    Consolidate patient records by linking clinical information from leading repositories with Epic EMR software.

  • Enhance patient care

    Enable clinicians to access all patient data from within Epic for informed care-related decisions.

  • Streamline information sharing

    Allow clinical applications and healthcare providers to easily share information with a standard-based approach.

  • Strengthen compliance and security

    Leverage automated retention policies management, communication and collaboration to comply with national or regional medical records retention policies and secure PHI.


  • Healthcare application interoperability

    Utilizes Open eHealth Integration Platform (IPF) so users can customize HL7 to process information from Epic and other applications that can accept HL7-formatted data, and facilitates a data stream exchange where needed, such as MDM and ADT.

  • Patient Vision UI

    Provides an integrated view of contextualized, patient-related content so clinicians can consult a patient’s archive over time through a unique “Timeline View,” including data that originated from outside of the Epic EMR.

  • Media sharing

    Allows Hyperspace users to access content stored within the repository directly from the patient chart in Epic. Opens any supported file type through the media viewer and leverages the image retrieval API to show document thumbnails.

  • Release-of-information compliance

    Generates an export for patients regarding all structured and unstructured content within the Epic system, with content integration support allowing Epic users to include any content from the repository.

  • Patient information collection

    Uses ad hoc scanning to acquire patients’ referral letters, lab results, ID cards and insurance information, and uses ad hoc importing to acquire patients’ digital content through the Epic Hyperspace UI.

  • Electronic signature configuration

    Enables users within Epic Hyperspace to mark where sign-offs are required in a document and by whom, and makes a signed document the master image for that medical record.

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  1. [1]HealthTech, How to navigate structured and unstructured data as a healthcare organization, May 8, 2023

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