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Let us turn you into content experts

There are multiple ways to extended your OpenText knowledge and the Learning Services team are pleased to offer a holistic approach that consists of standard courses, advisory learning support, virtual classrooms and role-specific training programs.

Standard courses

We offer hands-on trainings in many cities all over the world. The structure of our trainings can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements. All of our classrooms are equipped with Windows-based PCs, Internet connection and modern projectors to provide our students with the best possible learning environment.

Educational guidance

In addition to our regular training programs we offer a range of services to optimize the learning process:

  • Training requirement analysis
  • Costumer-specific course program
  • Coaching and Rollout support

Virtual learning (eLearning, virtual classroom)

Many organizations are working in multiple locations. On-site trainings can cause high travel costs and scheduling conflicts. Open Text Learning Services offers a variety of eLearning modules and virtual classroom solutions for EIM to overcome such difficulties.

Course program for experts and certification

Learning Services offers comprehensive courses for different user groups in technical and professional environments of EIM solutions. Typical user groups include administrators, hotline support, project managers, developers and professional trainers. Specific training paths make it easier to define the correct education plan for the individual user groups without reinventing the wheel.

Expert workshops

Our workshops are designed with a focus on a particular EIM solution or a technical topic and are carried out by experienced Open Text experts. These workshops are usually more compressed than standard courses, are provided for the effective transfer of knowledge to a technical user group and are often directed towards experienced employees. The specific, customized character of our workshop is highly regarded by our customers.


Training Consulting


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