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Optimize Service Programs

Operating and maintaining advanced Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions can be a complex challenge for any organization. The need to balance the core requirements of availability and performance, while ensuring user adoption and satisfaction is a challenge for most IT teams. OpenText™ Optimize Service Programs aim to provide you with a solution that helps you to succeed in your goals.

Delivering on these requirements means in-depth technical know-how and expert knowledge of EIM deployment and operational management. Many organizations struggle to develop and retain these specialist skills in-house. We understand these challenges and have designed OpenText Optimize Service Programs to alleviate some of those pressures. As the pioneers of EIM software, OpenText is an ideal partner to provide the expertise you need.

OpenText Optimize delivers Professional Service programs that focus on helping you to optimize the use, productivity, return on investment and overall user adoption and satisfaction of your OpenText software.

Optimize Foundation Programs

Service programs with a tailored approach designed to deliver continuity and stability for on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.


OpenText experts support your system

Our Customer Support teams possess the troubleshooting, critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to rapidly resolve your most critical issues and keep your IT operations running effectively. Optimize Standard maximizes your investment by ensuring a rapid response and the addition of a Program Manager as your primary support liaison to improve your support experience overall, along with other defined services.


OpenText experts assist your IT team to manage the system

The Optimize Assist Program provides backup assistance for organizations who want to manage their system with their own IT group but would like our experts to augment their team to provide system reviews, incident analysis and onsite or remote assistance.


OpenText experts monitor and manage the system on your behalf

For customers who would like us to manage their systems on their behalf, the Optimize Manage Program is ideal. Along with HyperCare Program Manager support, the Manage Program provides ongoing system monitoring, management and staff augmentation.

Cloud Enhanced

Support and upgrades for customized cloud solutions

Additional Cloud Services will be delivered by the OpenText Services experts and will provide you with the assurance that your cloud solution is being managed in the best way possible whether customized, or a packaged solution.


For a description of available services for on-premises and cloud/hybrid cloud customers, read the Optimize Business Service Catalog.

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