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OpenText Blazon for Microsoft SharePoint

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OpenText Blazon for Microsoft® SharePoint®  automates document transformation for better accuracy and efficiency.

Document transformation can be cumbersome and labor intensive, taking time and resources away from core business priorities. OpenText Blazon for Microsoft® SharePoint® can help protect those resources by making document transformation an effortless part of any business workflow, allowing organizations to use internal resources more effectively.

Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Blazon for SharePoint takes files in practically any format and creates renditions in PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, or secure Content Sealed Format (CSF). Blazon for SharePoint automates time-consuming manual processes, reduces document transformation costs, strengthens control and compliance, and improves content accessibility.

OpenText Blazonfor Microsoft® SharePoint helps you to:

  • Support Control and Compliance
  • Add Document Transformation to Any Workflow
  • Improve Content Accessibility
  • Add document transformation to any workflow: Blazon for SharePoint can monitor a folder or SharePoint library for new jobs to process.
  • Broad compatibility: Take files in practically any format and produce renditions in PDF, TIFF, or secure CSF.
  • Scale as needed: Multiple job processors can be used together.
  • Produce secure files: Produce CSF files with file expiration and other security settings.
  • Apply stamps, watermarks, or banners: Include draft status, time stamps, or other text.
  • Burn in markups: Markups created in OpenText Brava! can be burned in for sharing with outside parties.