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OpenText Web & Social Analytics

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As a marketer, you must continually measure, analyze, report on and refine your online initiatives to deliver compelling customer experiences. This means more than simply tracking the traffic on your website. With the rise of content marketing, you need integrated and secure ways to measure marketing data across omni-channel touch points, both inside and outside of the firewall.

OpenText Web and Social Analytics delivers real-time information about website visitors and social interaction. Whether you’re engaging with key influencers on social networks, exploring customer sentiment, tracking website visitor behavior, or following key contributors inside your organization, you can optimize your online marketing initiatives by identifying actionable trends within your visitor base. Use OpenText Web and Social Analytics to transform data into insight, make your programs more responsive and targeted, and create compelling experiences for both your internal and external stakeholders.

What Can OpenText Web and Social Analytics Do For You?

OpenText Web and Social Analytics deliver the following benefits:

  • Continually assess and refine your marketing programs based on real-time analytics to optimize customer experience
  • Improve online content by evaluating consumption patterns and social data
  • Move beyond improved customer satisfaction and establish customer commitments
  • Deliver measurable Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) with centralized management and analytics of multi-site, omni-channel publishing and applications across your organization

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Why Choose OpenText Web and Social Analytics?

  • Secure access to business intelligence: As an enterprise-class alternative to Internet-only analytics solutions, OpenText Web and Social Analytics ensures that your marketing data and competitive insights are secure and completely within your corporate control.
  • Consolidate data from internal and external sites: Evaluate your online programs across social media, mobile devices, intranets, and more. Events are connected to specific actions that you want to report and analyze in real time, both inside and outside your organization. You can apply click stream analytics to internal data that is not easily accessible to Internet-based analytic solutions.
  • Real-time monitoring: Web and Social Analytics features real-time social monitoring and sentiment analysis for any social or user generated content.
  • Extend analytics across your enterprise sites as part of an EIM strategy: OpenText Web and Social Analytics integrates with:
    • OpenText ECM technologies to maintain and protect the security of marketing data and competitive insights
    • OpenText Social Communities for out-of-the-box social analytics reports. Real-time feeds of activity happening on Twitter or Facebook can be viewed in line with activity happening on your local website.
    • OpenText Web Experience Management for omni-channel web and social analytics across your corporate website, extranets, or intranet applications.


OpenText Web and Social Analytics gives you the ability to update, refine, and optimize your online marketing initiatives.

Extensible and Real-time Reporting

  • Receive instant feedback on how your sites are performing; capture online events in real time and have them immediately available for reporting and analysis.
  • A reporting console gives you the ability to retrieve analytics information as overlays within the context of the live site.
  • Discover instantly which pages are the most important to users.

Categorized and Customizable Events

  • Common requests like tracking a user viewing a page on your website can be grouped logically into cohesive events types by application. For example, a page view event captures the page that was viewed and how much time it took for the page to load.
  • Define a custom event model and what information you want to collect from your online initiatives.

Detailed Insights into Online Activities

OpenText Web and Social Analytics provides insights on the following:

  • Global site usage: the number of users (new and returning), the number of visits and the average time users spend on the site.
  • Social activity: the number of online users, the number of member visits versus anonymous visits, the number of user contributions, the average rating, and average tone of those user contributions.
  • Page activity: the number of times a page is viewed and where the user comes from.
  • Element activity in the page: whether a content item or social application.
  • Live Insights: provides custom KPI (key performance indicator) information, letting you know the status of your custom KPIs, specific to your business needs.