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What’s New with RightFax?

The latest release of OpenText™ RightFax™, RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 2, is packed full of new features, functionality and add-on-modules designed to simplify your environment, add new visibility to traffic and improve the administrative and user experience.

Key release highlights include:

  • OpenText RightFax Analytics – a new add-on module that provides a comprehensive view of fax history for RightFax, enabling companies to easily access, analyze, and identify system performance, volume statistics, and delivery information.
  • OpenText RightFax Image High Availability – a new add-on module that allows administrators to leverage SQL for both their transactions and image repository. This reduces the complexity of their RightFax environment, eliminates separate hard disk space or separate image directory locations, and utilizes an existing SQL infrastructure for image storage high availability.
  • OpenText RightFax Remote DocTransport Server – a new piece of hardware that allows organizations to extend their fax presence to remote offices and locations. Acting as a physical extension of a RightFax environment, this simplifies the connection to a central RightFax server and eliminates QoS and bandwidth requirements.
  • New RightFax Web Administrative Tool - provides full administrative access via mobile devices and from any web browser for anywhere/anytime access to administrative control for RightFax. Closely replicates EFM functionality and provides the access point for new features for RightFax including RightFax Analytics and the new RightFax MFP connectors.
  • Redesigned MFP Connectors – provides a simplified user experience by simulating sending a fax from a physical fax machine. The user interface experience has been simplified, requiring fewer steps to send a fax. The new connectors also provide the same user experience regardless of the MFP vendor, and facilitate a secure file/paper transfer between the device and RightFax server via HTTPS connection. 
  • Plus so much more!

Here at OpenText, we’re hyper-focused on enabling the digital world and creating a better way for you to leverage information across your entire ecosystem of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

The Future of RightFax: Continuous Innovation

OpenText is resolute in our vision and commitment to the long term future of RightFax, Fax2Mail, and our entire portfolio of on-premises, cloud and hybrid fax solutions. Our most recent release, RightFax 16, Enhancement Pack 2, debuted in May of this year with new product enhancements and innovations and the next release, scheduled for April 2018, will feature even more exciting capabilities.

With product experts focused on the pulse of the market and the needs of our customers, the RightFax roadmap is judiciously planned to optimize the reliability, reach, and cost efficiency of secure information exchange. As a market leader in fax solutions with hundreds of fax-focused team members, OpenText is in constant development of new and impactful product innovations and enhancements.


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