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Fax Connectors for Ricoh MFPs

Save money and boost employee efficiency by integrating your Ricoh MFPs with RightFax and RightFax Express

Integration Options

Simple SMTP Connector for RightFax Express: Connect an unlimited number of Ricoh MFP devices for RightFax Express for FREE for all SMTP email clients.

OpenText RightFax SMTP Connector for MFPs: This connector allows organizations to easily fax paper documents using Ricoh devices equipped with scan-to-email capability. Ricoh MFPs which are not supported by the RightFax Connector for Ricoh MFPs can use the RightFax SMTP Connector for MFPs for an MFP integration with RightFax.

OpenText RightFax Connector for Ricoh ESA MFPs: This connector integrates specifically with Ricoh Embedded Software Architecture (ESA)-equipped MPFs and allows organizations an advanced integration between RightFax and Ricoh ESA devices for a sophisticated two-way communication. With this connector users can:

  • Scan paper documents and fax them via RightFax
  • Set cover sheet options at the device (MFP manufacturer interface support may vary by model)
  • Send as a guest or authenticated RightFax user
  • Input cover sheet notes
  • Enter up to two billing codes
  • Print, email or file-drop fax status notifications
  • Authenticated users can access their personal address book
  • Share MFP-specific address book with all users
  • Integrate 3rd party card reader for easy, secure authentication

Supported Models

These Ricoh MFP models are supported on the following versions of RightFax:

  • RightFax 10.5
  • RightFax 10.5 Feature Pack 1
  • RightFax 10.6
  • RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 1
  • RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 2
  • RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 3
MP 2352SP MP C305SPF MP 401SPF
MP 2852SP MP 301SPF SP 4510SF
MP 3352SP MP 2501SP MP 2553SP
SP C431DN/CLP40DN/LP140CN SP 8300DN MP 3353SP
SP 4310N MP C3002 MP C2003
SP C320DN MP C3502 MP C2503
SP 5200DN MP C4502 MP C3003
SP 5210DN MP C4502A MP C3503
SP 5200S MP C5502 MP C4503
SP 5210SF MP C5502A MP C5503
SP 5210SR MP 4002SP MP C6003
MP C2051/C9120/LD620C MP 5002SP MP C6502
MP C2551/C9125/LD625C MP 6002SP MP C8002
MP C300/C230/LD130 MP 7502SP  
MP C400/C400/LD140 MP 9002Sp  
MP C3001/C9130/LD630C CW 2200SP  
MP C3501/C9135/LD635C
MP C4501/C9145/LD645CA
MP C5501/C9155/LD655C
MP C5501A/C9155A/LD655CA
MP 6501/C9065/LD365C
MP C7501/C9075/LD375C

These Ricoh MFP models are support on the following versions of RightFax:

  • RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 1
  • RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 2
  • RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 3
MP C3004 MP C306
MP C3504 MP C401
MP C4504 MP 2554
MP C6004 MP 3054
MP 6503SP MP 3554
MP 7503SP MP 4054
MP 9003SP MP 5054
MP C306SPF MP 6054