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AppWorks Low-Code

AppWorks Low-Code opens up new possibilities for partners and developers. With the newest member of the AppWorks family, developers can build applications with a consistent look-and-feel, consistent infrastructure and consistent communication methods. They—and their customers and or internal users—benefit from the speed, rich functionality and natively mobile experiences of the OpenText™ low-code platform.

Accelerate Time to Value

With AppWorks Low-Code, developers can quickly build prototypes or minimum viable products, delivering faster value to business users and accelerating the process of incorporating learnings and innovation into applications.

Connect with Consistency

AppWorks gives enterprise IT the control it needs over integration, with conformance to an established blueprint. AppWorks Low-Code leverages web services integrations. Once integrations are developed, you can use drag-and-drop tools to incorporate them into business applications.

Work the Way You Work

Solve users’ business problems using a combination of the low-code platform and the programming language and tools of your choice.

Information-Driven Design

Business users can think about business processes, policies and workflows from their perspective and start with the information that needs action.