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eConnect for Right Fax

By  Toshiba America Business Solutions

eConnect for RightFax is an embedded connector for Toshiba MFPs that allows users to fax documents directly into RightFax server.

With eConnect for RightFax, the user can effectively add RightFax faxing capability to the MFP without the need to purchase expensive embedded MFP fax kits. Some of the key features of the solution includes:

1. Single Sign On capability at the MFP panel -  This feature allows eConnect users to login only once at the MFP front panel to access all MFP solutions. Without Single Sign On, users have to provide login credentials to the MFP and then again when launching eConnect for RightFax application.   

2. Auditability -  All faxing activities at Toshiba MFP will be logged and kept with RightFax system which will allow for a company to  trace fax documents.   

3. Access to RightFax Phonebook at the MFP panel -   The RightFax address book gives users a convenient way to fax to a known user.This is the best option to avoid  sending a fax to a wrong number.   

4. Billing code input capability at MFP panel -   eConnect users can enter Billing and Matter code to associate faxing activities to recover the cost of faxing.   

5. Image preview option  eConnect users can review images prior to faxing for additional validation step.

Toshiba America Business Solutions


Operating System Requirements:       

  • Win 7 SP 1 x86 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate       
  • Win 7 SP 1 x64 Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate       
  • Win 8 x64 Professional, Enterprise       
  • Win 8.1 x64 Professional, Enterprise       
  • Server 2008 SP2 x32 Web, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter       
  • Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 Web, Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter       
  • Server 2012 Standard, Enterprise       
  • Server 2012 R2 Standard, Enterprise  

CPU:       2.5 GHz (Minimum) 3.0 GHz (Recommended)  

Memory:       2.0 GB (Minimum) 6.0 GB (Recommended)  

Hard Disk:       40GB (Minimum) 80 GB (Recommended)   

RightFax Server Requirements:      For RightFax Server 10.6 and higher, the RightFax Web Client must be installed. 

Toshiba America Business Solutions

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