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Linko S.A. de C.V

Linko improves customer eXperience for banking users through innovation and technology. We are market leaders in Mexico and have been working in the financial sector for more than 15 years. With dozens of successful projects for several of mexico's largest banking institutions, Linko has achieved a reputation for being a trustworthy partner for banks like WalMart Bank, Banamex, Banco Azteca, Scotiabank and several others. We have been selected as Endeavor entrepreneurs and this year we were recognised by Mexican government in the "national entrepreneurial prize". In december 2013 we were placed among Mexico's best 20 IT companies to work for. For years our business was based on implementing 3rd party solutions that could help improve customer eXperience. Now we are beginning to create our own products with the help of vendors like Opentext, TIBCO, Gemalto, among others. Our first product called "smart doc" helps create intelligent bank statements, where customer interaction is greatly improved. We are creating more than 4 million statements each month, and plan to add 1.5 million statements per month in the short term.


Region Latin America
Product Focus CEM - Engage;CEM - Exstream;CEM - TeleForm;CEM - Qfiniti;CEM - TeamSite;CEM - MediaBin;CEM - LiquidOffice
Type of Partnership Services

Corporate Address

Gobernador Agustín Vicente- Eguía No. 46 Piso 11
Ciudad De Mexico  Distrito Federal