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OpenText Process Suite 16

Gain insight into your operations, easily build content-centric applications, optimize business processes and drive growth with OpenText Process Suite

OpenText Process Suite 16 enables businesses to rapidly build, deploy and adapt dynamic case management applications and streamline complex business processes from a single platform. Business leaders gain critical visibility into operations at the right time empowering them to optimize results and drive growth and innovation.

As a market-leading process and case platform, Process Suite enables organizations to tackle their most pressing and complex process automation and case management challenges. Offering a low-code approach to building and deploying flexible applications and solutions that easily integrate into any type of existing system and can embed enterprise content management in context to provide rich information about people, process, data, and tasks, Process Suite helps Business and IT to easily collaborate and get work done, quickly and effectively.

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What’s New in Release 16

Process Suite 16 enables businesses to rapidly build, deploy and adapt dynamic case management applications and streamline complex business processes from a single platform.

  • Case & Process Management

    Case & Process Management

    Most processes that span a business are at times structured (process), and at other times more ad hoc (case). Being able to manage processes as they go from structured to case, and back again, supports the reality of business. Process Suite 16 delivers the simplicity of a single system to run your businesses with the flexibility you need.

  • Greater, Deeper Integrations

    Greater, Deeper Integrations

    New and enhanced integrations that deepen the information exchange between Process Suite and OpenText Extended ECM as well as OpenText Enterprise Content Management portfolios. Also, new capabilities for integrations with systems outside the OpenText ecosystem.

  • Actionable Analytics

    Actionable Analytics

    New integration with OpenText Information Hub (iHub), delivers integrated dashboards, extensible reports and greater analytics depth.

  • Simplified Application Development

    Simplified Application Development

    New, low-code approach to building process-based applications reduces the time-to-solution significantly. With entity modeling, you can deliver the low-code capability that includes pre-built building blocks to simplify the creation of new applications .

Create Your Digital Transformation

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Process Portfolio

  • Process Suite Platform

    Enabling the business to directly control their operations by supporting both case and process management approaches.

  • Dynamic Case Management

    Empowering knowledge workers to achieve business outcomes and goals for cases or work that combine structured data and unstructured information.

  • Process Modeling

    Delivering process modeling tools that enable organizations to embrace change while maintaining control of their business.

  • Entity Modeling

    Bringing application development closer to the subject matter expert by enabling them to engage directly in the development of their application with a simplified development approach.

  • Process Intelligence

    Driving smarter decisions with advanced dashboards, reporting and analytics resulting in increased visibility into processes.

  • Enterprise Service Bus

    Using a unique technology to streamline integrations across systems, services and applications to build contextually rich business processes.

  • Business Rules Management

    Automating actions with seamless integration of rules into business processes and business objects during modeling and design time.

  • Master Data Management

    Managing your critical business data within a uniform, single source platform.

  • BPM in the Cloud

    Multiple deployment options including managed service, SaaS and PaaS.