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3-3141 emVision360 Administrator and Workflow Class

Duration: 4 days

End User Goals:

  • To gain a basic understanding of emVision360’s menus, buttons, screens, and desktop options.
  • To develop a rudimentary understanding of how to scan and/or import documents, search for and retrieve stored documents, edit index information, revise and replace documents, and to understand the move, copy and reference (shortcut) functions within the emVision360 working environment.

Administrator Goals:

  • To gain a thorough understanding of how and when to use the configuration and setup functions and the wide variety of security options in the emVision360 Enterprise Manager to develop and deploy or refine a customer’s existing emVision360 application.
  • To understand the importance of the information gathering process and the design process, both of which are extremely important prior to development of a customer’s application or deployment of a Workflow process.
  • To gain a thorough understanding of how to develop and deploy a workflow process design that emulates and automates a designated business process.
  • To understand the roles and interdependence of the Object Server, Database, and Workstations, and to understand the administrative actions necessary to configure it and keep it functioning.
  • To gain a rudimentary understanding of the software installation process, setup procedures, and the roles played by the Database Server, Object Server, Automation Server, Web server, and emVision360 Workstations.
  • To be aware of all major software packages that have been, or have the potential to be, integrated into the emVision360 environment.


None, however, the student should have a fair working knowledge of the product and how to use its EDMS and Workflow functions. It is, therefore, recommended that students lacking this knowledge attend an End User, Workflow training class prior to attending the Administrator Class.


By the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Design a simple commercial application for use within emVision360.
  • Implement the design applications and workflow processes using the emVision360 Enterprise Manager options.
  • Use emVision360’s interface to prove that the emVision360 application functions in the manner requested by the end user during the design review.
  • Perform the basic maintenance responsibilities of an emVision360 Administrator.
  • Maintain and refine emVision360 applications during end user operations.
  • Perform standard operating procedures at the Object Server.


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Per Course at Customer Site USD  12,000.00 

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