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3-1113 What's New in OpenText eDOCS DM 16.4

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Duration: 3 days

This three-day course is intended for DM administrators, integrators, or consultants intending to upgrade from eDOCS DM 10.

To begin with, we will install eDOCS DM v16.4 and then upgrade an existing eDOCS DM library. We will then cover eDOCS DM Management Studio which has been updated to include the configuration settings from Library Maintenance, the new analytics feature for reports, and the ability to configure and manage FlexFolders (Dynamic Views rebranded) and Client Settings. We will then continue looking at the several new enhancements in Workspaces, FlexFolders, and DM Sync and Save which is now included as part of the DM Extensions installation. The new Lookup Security feature (assigning permissions to Lookup tables) will be addressed, and we will use the Search+ feature in Microsoft Outlook.

At the end of the class we will install the new InfoCenter Desktop which depends on several pre-requisites that will need to be installed, such as OTDS, eDOCS DM REST API Server, and OpenText AppWorks Gateway.


  • Upgrade from DM v10 to v16.4
  • Explore DM Management Studio
  • Set up lookup security
  • Create FlexFolders
  • Use DM Sync and Save
  • Install InfoCenter Desktop

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Install DM Server, DM Management Studio, DM Web Server and DM Extensions
  • Add users and groups using DM Management Studio
  • Assign security in DM Management Studio
  • Install and configure Analytics
  • Edit the lookup data from a profile form
  • Assign security to values in lookup tables
  • Use Search+ in Microsoft Outlook
  • Create a FlexFolder
  • Use subscriptions in FlexFolders
  • Configure client settings in DM Management Studio
  • Share workspaces
  • Add folders to DM Sync and Save
  • Install InfoCenter Desktop and its prerequisites
  • Use InfoCenter


Intermediate Administrators


  • 3-1115 Implementing Document Management using DM v10 (5 days) OR
  • One year Field Experience with eDOCS DM Administration
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