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DF220 - Navigating EnCase™ Version 8 OnDemand

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Duration: 24 Hours

This OnDemand course provides practical demonstrations and real-life simulations to help understand the methodology of using OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic Version 8 (EnCase) in digital forensic cases involving criminal, corporate, or cybersecurity investigations. In additional to providing instruction on the transitional differences between EnCase Version 6 and Version 8, it also includes instruction on creating a case, using case templates and investigation pathways, the OpenText™ EnCase™ Evidence Processor, indexed searching capabilities, the Direct Network Preview, the new hash analysis module, and options for bookmarking with the ability to use different colors. Although this class is designed for Version 6 users who have previously attended the EnCase Computer Forensics II course (or users who are EnCE qualified), it also serves as a refresher to Version 7 users with the addition of finding out about the new features of EnCase Version 8.

CPE Credits - 0


This course IS NOT a substitute for attending the DF120-Foundations in Digital Forensics with EnCase or DF210-Building an Investigation with EnCase. Navigating EnCase Version 8 is designed and paced for experienced digital investigators who are looking to move to EnCase version 8 from an earlier version or another investigative product. Key investigative concepts are NOT covered in this course, rather, the knowledge of these concepts is assumed and this course focuses on how to use EnCase version 8.


Basic computer skills. Advance preparation for this course is not required.


Students attending this course will learn the following:

  • The structural differences between EnCase Version 8 and previous versions
  • The new features included in EnCase Version 8
  • Which add-in modules are now a standard part of EnCase Version 8
  • How to use the new evidence file structure and transition evidence files created in previous versions into EnCase Version 8
  • The new searching, viewing, and packaging functionality included in EnCase Version 8
  • How to use external viewing tools within EnCase Version 8
  • How to perform signature and hash analyses within EnCase Version 8
  • Creating reports using the new templates available in EnCase Version 8
  • The archiving capabilities now available in EnCase Version 8


  • 1. A desktop/laptop computer.
    • Microsoft® Windows operating system is recommended.
  • 2. Internet access
  • 3. Latest Adobe® Flash Player software
  • 4. Latest Adobe Reader software
  • 5. Some courses offer the ability to conduct optional practical exercises on a remote workstation. Internet Explorer and Firefox are recommended.

***Passport students may only be registered in two (2) OnDemand courses concurrently

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Training materials for this course, including the DF220 - Navigating EnCase Version 8 OnDemand student manual, will be sent electronically. MANUALS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY ELECTRONICALLY. PHYSICAL COPIES OF MANUALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE WITH TRAINING OnDEMAND COURSES.


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