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DFIR370 - Host Intrusion Methodology and Investigation OnDemand

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Duration: 32 Hours

This OnDemand course is designed for investigators who want to learn more about the methodology of host intrusions and the forensic artifacts left behind. This course goes into not only the technical aspects of host intrusions, but also discusses the methodology commonly used by attackers.

The course begins with an introduction and explanation of the classroom’s virtual workspace. Instruction addresses topics, such as methods of reconnaissance, in-depth exploration of browser exploits triaging a live host, intrusion analysis methodology, data hiding and phishing techniques, and malware infection. Other areas of study include performing collections with EnCase® Portable, various investigation techniques, and escalating privileges.

The course combines forensic examinations with live incident response in a network environment. Students learn how to examine a compromised server or workstation in the field to obtain and analyze host, network, volatile data, and log artifacts.

Students will take part in real-world scenarios by performing several different types of attacks on a mock victim machine and then examine the victim computer using EnCase® Forensic to identify the artifacts left behind by the attacker. Many different types of tools and programs will be discussed and used during the course.

In addition to the various hacker tools, students will also utilize and discuss a variety of forensic tools, including EnCase Forensic, the direct network preview, and network intrusion EnScript® programs for live incident response and collection/analysis of volatile data.

CPE Credits - 0


This course is intended for corporate and government/law enforcement investigators, legal professionals, and network security personnel. Incident response supervisors and team members are encouraged to attend, as are individuals working in a penetration testing or network intrusion investigation role. An understanding of the concepts of computer forensics and familiarity with the EnCase® Forensic software is required. Knowledge of computer networking hardware, protocols, and concepts is helpful, but not required. Class curriculum is designed to provide a good overview of network security and intrusion investigation issues, both from a forensic and intruder perspective.


Basic computer skills. Advance preparation for this course is not required.


The course will cover the following topics:

  • Conducting reconnaissance activities and using honey networks
  • The life cycle of a cyber attack and the anatomy of a browser exploit
  • Conducting a triage of a live host
  • Understanding and establishing a viable methodology for intrusion analysis
  • Data hiding and phishing activities
  • Identifying and combatting malware infections
  • Analysis of compromised systems of remote access software and drive by web browser exploits
  • Analysis of memory, event logs, packet captures, and malware
  • Use of tools to escalate privileges and to enhance user capabilities


  • 1. A desktop/laptop computer.
    • Microsoft® Windows operating system is recommended.
  • 2. Internet access
  • 3. Latest Adobe® Flash Player software
  • 4. Latest Adobe Reader software
  • 5. Some courses offer the ability to conduct optional practical exercises on a remote workstation. Internet Explorer and Firefox are recommended.

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Training materials for this course, including the DFIR370 - Host Intrusion Methodology and Investigation OnDemand student manual, will be sent electronically. MANUALS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY ELECTRONICALLY. PHYSICAL COPIES OF MANUALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE WITH TRAINING OnDEMAND COURSES.


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