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ED165 - EnCase® eDiscovery for the Legal Team OnDemand

Duration: 8 Hours

This online course is designed to provide owners of the EnCase eDiscovery product with essential skills to maximize use. At the end of this course students will be able to create legal holds and manage custodians. The class provides participants with demonstrations of how to browse through collected electronically stored information and tagging content appropriately. Finally legal team members will be able to report on the status of e-discovery legal holds, collections, and reviewed data.


This course is intended for owners of EnCase eDiscovery who are corporate and government investigators. Class curriculum is designed to provide an overview of using the EnCase eDiscovery web interface to administer legal holds, customize collection and reviewing collected results.


Basic computer skills. Advance preparation for this course is not required.


Students attending this course will learn the following:

  • The components installed and how they work together to run EnCase eDiscovery
  • How to create and manage a case in EnCase eDiscovery
  • How to create a legal hold with different question types
  • How to manage a legal hold using reminders, escalations, and releases
  • Assigning custodians to electronically stored information(ESI) targets
  • Choosing criteria to complete collection of ESI through the web
  • Reviewing and tagging collected data
  • Reporting on the status of e-discovery legal holds, collections, and reviewed data


  • 1. A desktop/laptop computer.
    • Microsoft® Windows operating system is recommended.
  • 2. Internet access
  • 3. Latest Adobe® Flash Player software
  • 4. Latest Adobe Reader software
  • 5. Some courses offer the ability to conduct optional practical exercises on a remote workstation. A Web browser and the Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) are utilized to connect. Mac OSX workaround is available, but not supported.
  • 6. The ability to install Web browser plugins:
    • Portwise Access Client (
    • ActiveX or Java™ (depending on Web browser used)

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Training materials for this course, including the ED165 - EnCase eDiscovery for the Legal Team OnDemand student manual, will be sent electronically. MANUALS ARE AVAILABLE ONLY ELECTRONICALLY. PHYSICAL COPIES OF MANUALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE WITH TRAINING OnDEMAND COURSES.


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