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9-6209 OpenText Gupta Learning On Demand Subscription

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Duration: 1 year

Subscription provides 1 year access to

Opentext Gupta Team Developer
The extreme productivity of OpenText™ Gupta Team Developer helps to build software projects or solutions much quicker than with other development languages, allowing you to deliver your solutions faster than your competition. Gupta Team Developer increases your chances of winning a project and delivering on time and within budget. Gupta Team Developer is a complete solution that includes everything needed to build desktop business applications: A powerful IDE (Gupta SQLWindows), a comprehensive UX assembly kit, intelligent connectivity to databases and services, a database for development and testing, a reporting tool and a team and source management solution.

Opentext Gupta TD Mobile
Developing native mobile workforce apps requires developers for iOS™ and Android™ to have very specialized and expensive skills. OpenText Gupta TD Mobile offers one integrated IDE that uses high level-coding and data-access-configuration to quickly build native mobile workforce apps that work on all mobile devices, regardless of screen size, language, and mobile operating system at a fraction of the cost of native development. For organizations building cross-platform mobile workforce apps for mobile data acquisition, Gupta TD Mobile addresses the challenges of native development by simplifying, automating and accelerating mobile enterprise app development – greatly reducing the cost of mobile enterprise app development. Gupta TD Mobile offers no-coding, configuration-only database access to all databases, and easy access to Web Services and REST services to be able to feed data into all backend data systems with ease.

Opentext Gupta Team Developer Education Plan

  • New Controls
    • Business Charting
    • Outline Listbox
    • Ribbon Bar
    • Native Tab & Menu
    • Grid
    • MDI Enhancements
  • New Look & Feel
    • Skinning Support
  • New Binary Data Type
  • Build Targets
    • Win32
    • .NET WPF
    • .NET Web Services
  • WPF Controls
  • Application migration
  • .NET Error handling
  • SAL Language enhancements
  • .NET Framework integration

Opentext Gupta TD Mobile Education Plan

  • TD Mobile Quick Start
  • Client Controls & Development
    • Page Design
    • Controls & Containers
    • Client Scripting
    • Operations
    • Report Operations
  • Server Site Development
    • Compiler Settings
    • Global Operations
    • Global Functions
    • Global Classes
    • Java functions
    • JQuery Mobile integration
  • Report Designer
    • Report Operations
  • Non Coding Database Access
    • Mongo DB
    • Data Operations
  • Compiling & Deploying Mobile
  • Applications
  • Building Hybrid Applications


OpenText Gupta Learning On Demand Subscription is a developer audience course.


Participant will require a valid license of OpenText Gupta Team Developer and OpenText Gupta TD Mobile.


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Per Student Online USD  250.00 

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