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2-0235 OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering v16.3

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Duration: 2 days

This two-day course provides the core information you need to understand how to manage your organization’s Engineering content with OpenText’s Extended ECM for Engineering 16.

Extended ECM for Engineering provides engineers and supporting teams with a secure, collaborative web-based environment to create, capture, review, and manage both completed and work-in-progress engineering drawings or documents. This course is designed for those who have a role in engineering departments as well as project leaders who need an overall understanding of how the components are integrated to provide control over Engineering documents and drawings.

This workshop focuses on integrated features and functionality of the Extended ECM for Engineering 16 Suite. Solution-specific configuration and technical implementation techniques are not within the scope of this workshop.


  • Overview of Extended ECM for Engineering 16 Suite Components:
    • Automatic Document Numbering
    • Controlled Revision Tracking
    • Advanced State Management
    • Transmittal Management
    • BRAVA viewer

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • See how Automatic Document Numbering configuration affects document creation and naming
  • Model a review path that changes the current state of a drawing
  • Manage the promotion of completed revisions to documents-of-record and maintain a complete history of these documents
  • Manage Transmittals and run Transmittal reports
  • Understand the administrative settings for configuration of a consolidated user interface
  • Use review drawings and add markups to CAD drawings without native software
  • Package document/drawing transmittals for submission
  • Use the Bulk Load feature to import documents (including supporting documents)
  • Handover options for transmittals


    Business Analysts, Document Controllers, Project team members



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