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3-7625 OpenText Exstream System Administration v16.3

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Duration: 5 days

This course has been designed for system administrators, who are responsible for configuring an Extream implementation and for design administrators who are responsible for setting up and maintaining the overall design standards within an organization. It includes information for installing Exstream, configuring design databases, integration with OpenText Directory Services (OTDS), setting up keys and licenses, managing users, and configuring system settings such as fonts, colors, languages, and design workflows.

As a system administrator, your role is to set up and maintain the design environment for your organization. Configuring databases, system settings, design groups, and design users allows you to control security, segment roles, and responsibilities, and promote collaboration. The system administrator has complete access to the system and is responsible for maintaining the system. Others, such as heads of departments, might share those responsibilities and be given super user access.


  • Install and configure OpenText Exstream to work at peak performance
  • Integrate Exstream with OpenText Directory Services
  • Configure Exstream to produce solid and brand-consistent customer communications

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the OpenText Exstream platform and its architecture
  • Describe and identify the use and functionality of the OpenText Exstream tools
  • Install and configure OpenText Directory Services to work with Exstream
  • Install and configure Exstream
  • Create and manage design databases
  • Configure your organization in Exstream
  • Enforce design consistency
  • Set up design workflows
  • Design for multiple languages and locations
  • Customize the environment for interactive documents
  • Review the different options for high-volume production
  • Implement output queues to support inserters, banners, and breaks
  • Implement output objects to manage fonts and colors
  • Design and implement barcodes
  • Implement inserter objects to support barcode areas, carrier envelope areas
  • Create banner pages
  • Create multiple-ups
  • Implement sorting and bundling


  • Exstream system administrators


  • Familiarity with Windows-based tools


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